Rhys Review: Pro Wrestling Chaos: Everyone Must Stand Alone (6/2/2016)

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*Disclaimer – this article contains mild references of violence scenes*

So, another wrestling review for you guys to have a look at, but hey, check it out, it’s not aregular, no sir and/or madam, it’s a newone! Well to be more specific it’s myfirst time going to a show by this promotion, and I am of course talking aboutPro Wrestling Chaos. They are Bristol based having shows at different venues inthe Bristol area, which I managed to put down to after hearing such cool thingsfrom the people I learn from at training. SO the actual show was held at the BAWA Club, which was a bit of a trek to getto with the weather and all. Had to pay £8.80for a taxi that barely took ten minutes to get there… darnwindy rainstorms breaking my umbrella. How the venue was used is probably myfavourite independent show venue I’ve beento so far honestly. Quite a lot of space, had enough seats for the sell-outcrowd that showed up, and also booth seats as well for families and otherpeople. I sat at a booth with some people from training who bought tickets justto see the show. They had a projector with a tarp like set-up by their entranceway for video packages of past shows, wrestling promos and stuff like this. Butas good as this all sounds, there were some bad points, but I’ll getto those a little later. For now, on with the show!

Wewere greeted by Pariah Khan, who is supposedly the ‘owner’ of ProWrestling Chaos, and Jeckel, who would be seen in the main event later on,coming out to basically belittling everyone for cheering the likes of theirKing of Chaos Champion, Wild Boar and Mr. Bananas. He then want to give thepeople ‘what they want’ and calls out Mr. Bananas, whogets a nice reaction and music to match. Khan ends up telling Bananas that hewill be given a match now, but if he lost the match, he would be fired fromChaos. He of course brings out a huge mountain of a man in Bison Brody.

Opening Match
Bison Brody defeats Mr. Bananas

Notmuch to say about the match itself since it basically last all of a few secondswith a few ineffective punches from Bananas, but he’d get ahuge Overhead Falling Powerslam to practically crush the unfortunate Bananas.After getting a three count pinfall, Khan continued to mock the masked monkeyman with his own goodbye song but replacing ‘Na-na-na-na’ with ‘BA-NA-NA-NA’because, you know, puns, I guess. A clever one that Pariah Khan.

Grado defeats Ian Williams withKillBane

Thismatch saw the leader of the Doomsday Killers, Ian Williams, or ‘EvilLittle Ian’ as the fans dubbed him through his appearance, accompanied bythe monstrous Domsday member, Killbane. These were faced off against one of thefew guest appearances of the show, known for his appearances at places like TNAWrestling and ICW, Grado. The crowd loved him throughout as he came outdrinking some stereotypical Irn-Bru fans had with them (he’sScottish) and just making Ian look like a right fool. He also cussed a fewtimes in front of kids so he really didn’t careabout what was happening, he was just having a good time and the others seemedto enjoy it anyway. He did his R-Grado at one point, a parody of a jumpingcutter, or more commonly known as, an ‘RKO’ byWWE superstar Randy Orton. Odd seeing him do this as Ian’sfinisher is also a Jumping Cutter. He didn’t havea real chance to use it though as towards the end he tried to leave, but a hauntingbeast of a man, clad in a bizarre mask and a kendo stick came out to scare Ianback into the ring. This man, named Gideon, also went after Killbane as hetried to stop him from doing anything to his leader. The end came when Grado hit his Stevenston Roundabout finisher (a parody of WWE’s BrockLesnars’ ‘F5’) and got the pin.

WhileGrado was leaving, Gideon tried to go after Ian, but Big Grizly appeared fromthe back to stop the attack. Killbane left at this point, but Ian stayed atringside since this is apparently a match now.

Gideon defeats Big Grizzly

Asboth men came out before even getting entrances, the match just started withoutany of those or mention of who either man was, so it was a little jarring tonot know this was a match, especially for someone like me who didn’t evenknow who Gideon was at the time of the show. Saying that, this match was apainful one, and by that I mean painful in terms of what both men went through.Both are huge, heavy hitters who rely on their powerhouse moves and abilitiesto get them through the match, so to see these two trading blows and moves wasquite the sight. There was even some brawling outside of the ring with sharpchops that would make your skin crawl with the contact that came off of them.Grizzly had an advantage as Ian tried to interfere whenever he could while theref was distracted. He was also getting heckled at by people in the crowd as aquite mention, except for this one booth that cheered for him, even in hisprevious match, weird people. 

The end came when a miscalculated kendo stick shot from Ian to Grizzlyhappened, followed by a GTS like move from Gideon for the pinfall victory.After the match, Ian seemed to have been unimpressed with his fellow Doomsadaymember’s performance, but not much came from it. Seems like there may be some ‘KILLERtension’ between them! Eh? Eeeeh?! Ugh sorry that was bad, almost as bad as Khan’s attempt at humour…almost.

Knights of Chaos TitleTournament Quarter Final Match.
Steele Dragons (Alex Steele & Eddie Dennis) defeats Massive Party (ChuckCyrus & Robbie Caine)

Nowthis match was a good one, like, really good, for many different reasons. MassParty, while being the overly cocky, body worshipping villains, were quiteenjoyable from a comedy sense while they both had shown very nice tag teamchemistry as they have done in other shows. A bit too arrogant in theirdemeanour though, not like Steele and Eddie who were very much loved by thecrowd, especially Steele, who was able to pull out many impressive feats duringhis moments. Him and Eddie also surprisingly worked well together consideringthis is their first time teaming as the dubbed ‘SteeleDragons’, to my knowledge at least (please correct me if I am wrong, myfirst Chaos show and all). Eddie also had some wicked moments in the match,even picking up both Massive Party members for a duel samoan drop/fallawayslam, so impressive to see, especially from you massive men like those two. ALLTHAT MASS!
Oh I should also point out one of the bad points of the venue during this match, theceiling is far too low. A few times during this match you could see a foot ortwo hitting the ceiling, Eddie even had to moves to the bottom rope when doinga turnbuckle based move on account of being quite the tall lad as well as theceiling low height. The end could have gone either way after both people kept executing impressivedouble team maneuvers, you’d think it would have endedsooner, but it kept going, which I didn’t mindsince I was enjoying the match. The end came though when Steele and Denis hit aSuperkick (Steele) / Lifting Reverse DDT (Dennis) combo for the pinfall.

Trevor Lee defeats Mike Bird

Billedas the second of the three guest appearance matches, this had the not wellliked Newport raised, ‘Flying’ Mike Bird facing off against North Carolina’s ‘CarolinaCaveman’ Trevor Lee. Trevor had a good old time with everyone as heentered to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’. The people seemed only alittle bit okay with him during his entrance, which I thought they may have hadmore interest to see Trevor Lee, what with his success in PWG and TNA, thelatter of which he won their X-Division Championship as of the time I writethis article. Though they didn’t mention this during hisentrance, the championship part I mean. Probably due to the show delay betweenAmerica and the UK, but it still would have been cool to mention.
The crowd did warm up to him as he kept sending Mike away when his music playeda few more times before the match, even dancing with the ref and ring announcer.Throughout this match, Mike was constantly kept on edge by the crowd makingwitty remark as him to ‘Shake it off’ when he got hurt, or chanting ‘AngryBird’ at him. But this match had a nice balance that was veryenjoyable to watch. A little bit of tech work at the start, a little test ofstrength, and a few impressive Maneuvers from both during key moments in thematch. ‘Watch the ceiling’ was also a thing. Seeing Trevor Lee in person was quite the sight though, the height that man canjump off the ground is quite something, especially during a Leaping double footstomp off the ground, that dude can jump.

Also, the finish of the match – my god, that finish. Trevor Leedelivered this move that one can only describe as something out of a computergame, or some kind of magic. The best way I can describe it is Mike hits acrossbody on Lee, but he flips over himself while still holding Mike, and .Kind of like a Somersault Falling Powerslam maybe, or something along thoselines. Look, just go and watch Trevor Lee matches, he does it a few times inthose, it’s something worth seeing.

Butyeah that was a very nice way to go into intermission, which included a picturesession with Grado and Trevor Lee for people wanting to buy pictures or hadringside tickets. Also during the intermission I found another problem with thevenue. Despite it having a very nice set-up (bar the low ceiling which can’t behelped), the price on drinks was WAYTOO MUCH. I know bars tend to go expensive and all, but £3.30for a pint of diet Pepsi? 40p a shot of extra shot of diet Pepsi for when Ibought half a pint with vodka (around £2.95 onits own). A word of advice to anyone going to future shows at BAWA, bring abottle of water with you. Keep that bottle and just refill since they said theyserve free tap water anyway. But don’t do ittoo much, they might catch on. Or just spend money there, I’m notstopping you. I just need to watch out on buying overpriced drinks, I haveenough trouble buying food as it is. Also I saw they had a website called www.bawa.biz. I had no idea ‘.biz’ was evena thing. The more you know.

Morgan Webster defeats PandaCub

Thefirst match back from intermission and such a heads-up, things may not be aspositive as the first half, but not for anything any of the talent or thepromotion did, which I will explain as I go on. So you had Bristol zoos ownPanda Cub who would face off against Morgan Webster. Unknown to Cub, Websterattacked him from behind as his entrance was playing which some of the crowddidn’t like all that much. The rest of the match played in a verysimilar set-up to this, Morgan getting his cheap shots in on Panda, with a fewimpressive moves to add to a less than impressive attitude problem. One booth(the same I mentioned before loved it though since they must be suckers forpunishment or something). Cub got an okay reaction I suppose, maybe he shouldhave got a better one for the way he put his body on the line with thehigh-risk, high-flying style he gave during this match. His head even hit theceiling during one of his diving spots he was that into it. The end came fromthat missed Frog/Panda Splash by Cub and Webster followed by with a GuillotineChoke like move for the submission victory. Now before Morgan left he had a few words to say to all of us, and boy werethey words. At first they were hard to make out, but luckily Chaos posted avideo of the whole link not too long after, so there’s thatin the video link.

He basically belittles the Chaos fanbase for voting him the ‘Wrestlerof 2015’, calling specific people in the crowd idiots for cheering forpeople like him, and also the ‘smarks’ as heput it, who post online how they only know as much as the talent lets themunderstand, and calling some of the people there two faced for booing him yetsinging his praises elsewhere. He ends it all by saying he wants to see PWCburn to the ground. Now he definitely left an impression during his promo, butthis crowd was bad during it all. I get that he wanted to go off on one infront of everyone, but at least let me hear what he has to say. Though Isuppose it was good you had people constantly telling him shut up or whatever,as opposed to those that cheered him. I mean even after he basically calledthem hypocrites, THEY STILL CHEERED! Guys, if you are cheering him, you arepart of the problem. Don’t confirm it, don’t do itbecause it’s the ‘cool, indie hipster’ thing to do, because it’s notcool. You are just being the idiots that Morgan called you all. But more willcome of that later.

Mountevans/World of Sport RulesMatch
Pete Dune defeats Johnny Kidd (2-1 in Round Five)

Nowthis match was said to be under World of Sport rules, which is an old schoolBritish Wrestling style of match that works similar to boxing in a way. Fivelots of two minute rounds with two falls to a finish. This match would mainlybe tech based so I didn’t expect anything flashing, but my goodness, this match was anamazing thing to watch. Pete Dunne, known for being the villain in most otherplaces, worked with the British wrestling legend, Johnny Kidd, who you couldn’t tellwas sixty years old by the way he worked with the much younger Dunne. Each round had both men executing all kinds of different holds, all differentkinds. Mat based, working the wrist, the back, legs, most joints in the humanbody, with a few bigger looking moves to keep the crowd invested because as youcould probably imagine, a few people didn’t seemas invested in this match. They have been clipping during the first two rounds,but even starting the second round, I could hear little kids saying to theirparents, ‘this is boring’. Tch, ‘this isboring’ … No Way! I needed to get my usual ‘I hatekids’ message in there somehow.

Although I do understand why little kids would find matches like this boring.Mostly majorly flashy happens, no big moves or stuff off the top ropes. Mostlyworking the different body parts standing up or on the ground and working in afew pins to try and get a victory. I’venever really seen a match like this done before. A show I saw not too long agotried it, but they messed up somewhere along the way. I believe this is how thematch is supposed to be done, and I for one enjoyed it. I’mdefinitely going to buy the DVD just for this match alone, research purposesand all that. After Pete for the final fall during the last round from a school boy like pin,Kidd got on the mic to praise him and say he could make a fine Chaos Championand really enjoyed his match. He also wanted to thank the production and thegoings on with Chaos as a whole and also for the fans in showing a trueinterest in the match and others like this in the past. Now while I am one of those people who truly enjoyed the match, it’s ashame this wasn’t for a different crowd since once again, they weren’t exactlythe picture perfect image of what he described in all honestly. The little kidsduring the match were distracted because of how bored they were, alongside onedisrespectful fool who kept making gabs at Kidd’s age,calling him ‘grandfather’ and saying other horridthings. How can someone say horrible stuff? Seriously, like, what is actuallywrong with you? The kids, okay I can understand. But a male adult?! I hope amajority of the people from Bristol aren’t likethis.

Main Event
Kind of Chaos Championship
Jeckel with Pariah Khan defeats Wild Boar via Disqualification

Themain event was a very solid way to end the show I thought. You had twoaggressive individuals in the challenger, Jeckel, accompanied by the tyrannicalowner Pariah Khan, and the champion, Wild Boar, who made it a point to try andgo after the sneaky Khan whenever he tried to interfere in the match. Both werevery heavy hitting, making use of the area around them, even the outside at afew points with a few sharp sounding chops being used. There were a few closecalls on both mens parts after hitting a few big moves. Khan even got involvedagain by pulling the ref out as Boar had a cover towards the end. But thefinish came when Jeckel tried to use a steel chair on Boar, but instead hit theropes and himself in the process. By this point, the ref sees the chair andJeckel unconscious, and thought Boar hit him with the chair. He ended the matchin a disqualification with Jeckel winning, though Boar was still champion as itwas a disqualification victory. After this had happened, Boar stood tall byhitting his Package Piledriver finish to send a message to Jeckel and to PariahKhan.

Honestly, while I enjoyed this match, I have to say the crowd wasn’t asinto it as I expected them to be. Maybe they were still feeling unsure afterthe Kidd/Dune match, or maybe they were just bore or something, which shouldnot be the case as I though the match was very watchable. Some of them did getbehind the match as it was going on, but it they were getting them very slowly.Just not the best crowd on this night sadly.

Andon a note of the crowd, they were different from other crowds. As I was waitingto get a lift, one fan somehow managed to get into the ring before it was putaway and just, randomly took a bump. Why you ask? I honestly couldn’t tellyou. He thought it would be clever to make himself look like an idiot orsomething, I don’t know. Also how disrespectful is that by the way? I won’t getinto it because this review is long enough as it is, but it’sreally, REALLY daft of that guy to do. I hope he reflects on his actions thatis all I can say. Also a different ‘fan’ managed to grab the steel chair that was used in the main eventand hold it up for the excited people to see, or more specifically the ringcrew as they took it from him. When that happened, he was lifting a few chairsaround him over his head. Like, what are you even doing?Thankfully the ring crew told him straight to stop being an idiot, not in thosewords I’m sure, but he did stop and leave along with everyone else. Ifelt bad for the ring crew, who did a very fine job doing their thing allnight, as they can’t really take the stupidity of some people into account.

Soyeah I’m really sorry to bring in negativity into this night as I thoroughlyenjoyed the show overall, all of the matches were entertaining for differentreasons, the tag team match and Kidd/Dune match especially. The crowd couldhave done a better job to have been as interested in the show, while otherpeople made it a point to cheer for the villains constantly because, you know, ‘goodguys are dumb’ or whatever goes through their warped minds. I will do my bestto make it to their next show, which is titled, ‘TheChaos Awakens’… I’m sure you get the reference. It will takeplace on 12th March at the Hanham Community Centre in Bristol, and I’m surethat’ll be just as good as this show was. Here’shoping I get a chance to cover it.

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