Rhys Review: Vertigo Pro Wrestling – Perfect Storm 1: Let Them Fight!

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*Disclaimer:The following article does contain some adult language, e.g, profanity. Viewerdiscretion is advised.*

Hey,look at that, my first wrestling show article of 2016. Or rather, the first tobe written up in 2016 since both of my NXT ones would have been posted not toolong ago. At least I’ll assume they got posted up by now, hopefully that is thecase. But yeah, this here is my review of the latest Vertigo Pro Wrestling showthat I got to watch while helping out with the ring set-up beforehand. I missedtheir last show in September last year since I was moving into my Universityaccommodation on the same day so I couldn’t take the trip to Merthyr that time,but this was different as the venue was at The Masonic Hall in Cardiff, thesame place that CHIKARA’s first ever show in Wales took place, which is I alsogot the see last year. Also the venue is not even five minutes away from whereI am staying so for me not to help out, or even see the show would have been acrime.

NowI won’t spend much more time stalling so I’ll get on with things.

Opening Match
6 Man Elimination Match
Mike Bird defeated Jezz Gardner, Aaron Echo, Dick Morgan, Delta Rush Jr. andChris Brookes.
As a heads up, the winner of this match would later face Vertigo Pro Champion,Dave Mastiff in the Main Event for his championship, so a lot was on the linein this one match.

The match itself was a very nice way to open the show with everyone gettingtheir moments. Each wrestler had different styles of attitudes that varied upthe match. There were also many nice spots in the match as well. Poor Jezz wasbeing chopped around by everyone. His chest was like a new undiscovered shadeof red by the end of it. There was also a three man Suplex from Brookes,Gardner and Morgan, with each of them doing diving spots as well. Jezz was thefirst to be eliminated however, with Morgan shortly following. Echo and Deltawere up next and the match ended with Mike pinning Brooke with a few ropeshenanigans as well. The people weren’t too happy with the result, for theirsake they better have hoped Mike didn’t win the championship later in thenight.

Best of 3 Series, Match 2
World of Sport Rules
Ian Williams III defeated Panda Cub

A rematch from the Round 2 show I helped out at, and also another rematch fromthe Into The Hills show from Merthyr as I remember reading, which was the startof this Best of 3 Series. In the former, Ian won after unintentional help frompeople, I guess. And Cub won the latter of the two matches, so even though thetwo are even from those matches, Cub has the lead in the Best of series withone victory over Ian. Now before the match began, while Ian came out to hisusual ‘Stronger’ track while Panda came out something more off the wall,’Megitsune’ by BabyMetal, and for those who don’t know, BabyMetal is a Japanesemetal idol band where you have three Lolita lie Japanese girls singing to heavymetal, it’s a truly wonderful thing I must say. But yes, a Panda Man-cub thingfrom Bristol Zoo; coming out to a Japanese idol Heavy metal song, WRESTLING!!!

The match itself was very well done much like their former bout, Ian bringingmuch taunting and attitude behind his moves while Panda brought out mixtures ofnice ground work and high flying manoeuvres. The fans in attendance picked up anon-PG habit of calling him a “*****”, even the children. Yes, children, sayaround seven to eleven years old, calling a grown man a “*****”, where else butCardiff!

As I still need to get equated with World of Sport, I can’t say too much on howtheir rules are run. But during the match both Cub and Williams were givenshort breaks, similar to how boxing matches are run with separate rounds.However the match ended during the fourth round as Ian a Cutter finisher to getthe pinfall victory, even though Panda’s foot was under the ropes. The refmissed that piece of information it seemed, but no one is perfect. The peopleagain weren’t too happy with this bona-fide “*****” winning the match. Again,their words, not mine. I’m just glad I wasn’t involved in one of Ian’s matchesagain, I wonder how long that will last.

Bishop defeated Super Octane
This match saw another masked marvel in Super Octane taking on the brutalBishop, who definitely gets points for having the sickest entrance gear of thenight. Damn he was scary enough on his own, but that entrance gear made tookthe level of intimidation up to ten.
Throughout the match octane tried to get as much high flying offense in when hecould, which he did a few times towards the end, but Bishop had him beaten downfor quite a bit of the match. And it ended with Bishop hitting a German Suplexand a pin after. Also at one point during the match I could hear a child yellout ‘break his neck’, again, only in Cardiff.

Wethen went to intermission after this match and the usual wrestling raffle whenwe came back where two lucky people, both kids, got tickets for their next showtaking place at The Gate in Cardiff. Not sure when the exact date is for this,but hey, a return to The Gate. Maybe these kids will lean some better mannersby the time we have the next show! Oh who am I fooling, they’re kids, ifanything they’ll be worse. And on that downer thought, onto the second half ofthe show!

Eddie Dennis defeated Lou KingSharp
Before the match could even begin, Lou came out to heckle and likely say howmuch better he was than everyone or something. I say likely because honestly, andI try not to sound mean when I say this, I couldn’t understand most of what hewas saying. And yes, he’s Scottish. I really couldn’t understand him here,which of course resulted in the ever so infectious chant (and I say that in theworst of ways), from the whole crowd. And also a few ‘Speak more properly’chants.

This match was something else. Lou spent most of the time trying to use dirtytactics to get one over on Eddie, but the Pride of Wales was able to open himup much more. There was a point in the match where Eddie and Lou felt the areaand had kids follow them while most of us stayed inside starting ten countsthat wet past ten and other such hilarity. I guess being nosy and less thancomprehensive school age can get you a lot. But other than not seeing thosemoments, he did those in the crowd moments as well as Eddie to give Lou somehard chops and even stomps over by where I sat. I had to move for a momentwhile Lou got stomped onto other people.

In the end Eddie hit his finishing move and got the pinfall victory. Thecountry born star beats the evil foreigner, huzzah! But in all seriousness thiswas a very fun match and both guys did a great job. It definitely got peopleexcited for the main event, especially since this is the only match so farwhere one of the good guys won.

Main Event
Vertigo Pro Wrestling Championship

Dave Mastiff retained against Mike Birdwith Bishop
Before the match began, we saw Mike bring Bishop along his side, showingthat they encounter from the Round 2 show was more than just a one-time thing.It may have also happened at ‘Into the Hills’, but I wasn’t there so I can’tcomment much. I’ll assume they did though with this happening.
The Champion got a lot of love from the crowd here and those kids were at itagain, calling Mike a ‘*****’ during the match, something that MAY slide whendirected at Ian, but to a man who can chop you into another dimension? Mikealso had quite a few witty one liners for some hecklers in the crowd as well,which of course they didn’t like all that much as he beat down on the champion,with some help from Bishop while the ref was distracted. The champion was alsoto counter Newport’s own on many occasions, and did the ultimate counter whenBishop held him up on the apron towards the end of the match and Mastiff movefrom a strike from Birdy which did Bishop instead. Dave then hit a beautifulBridged German Suplex and got the pinfall win as the crowd celebrated and Mikeand Bishop left licking their wounds.

OverallI’d say this was a very fun show, and to any of the people who I invited in theCardiff area as well as to anyone from the place I am staying at… shame onyou. It was less than five minute walk and assignment for most of us arefinished for the moment, you had NO excuse. Oh well, maybe next time they canthink of coming to see a Vertigo show, I know I had fun during it, as dideveryone else who watched it. Onto the next one, and I’ll make sure to get backto you guys on how that goes as well.

Photocredit: VertigoPro

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