Rhys Review: Vertigo Pro Wrestling – Round Two: Fight!

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So, it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these Wicid articles, though I suppose that’s what university woes and other things in life will do to someone. Fortunately, I’ve passed my first year a few weeks ago and have been trying to catch up with some much needed sleep since, though ‘tried’ is not the exact word for that. One thing that I’ve also been busy with during my time away is professional wrestling training, which I really need to write an article about at some point. Someday, guys.

While I’ve been doing my training with Dragon Pro Wrestling in Newport, all the trainees are informed on what we can do during our spare time to help us along the ways of getting better at the art of professional wrestling. One of these ways is volunteering to help out with other promotions that need help with their shows. They may need help with people setting up and taking down the ring, running merchandise, being security in the crowds, that sort of thing. So that’s what I did for the promotion I’m talking about today, Vertigo Pro Wrestling. Now, I’d never heard of them before going to their show, but I’d like to get to know as many places as possible that manage to sneak their way into Wales, because wrestling shows in Wales are a little bit of a rare thing these days, at least in the South Wales area, anyway.

I won’t go through the pre and post show goings on as that can be talked about in a different article for people who are interested in ring set up and such, so for now I’ll let all the focus go on the actual show that I helped out at as while I got to be security for the show, I got to see all the matches on the card. So here you go, my personal opinions on Vertigo Pro Wrestling: Round Two: Fight.

The show was held at The Gate Arts & Community Centre in Cardiff and the venue itself was a nice place, definitely one of the better places to watch a wrestling show as a fan, and a tidy enough place to work at as well. The turnout seemed very nice, a nice mixture of mature and younger fans, all of which had a blast during this show, which is always a nice thing at these independents.

Opening Match
Ian Williams VS Panda Cub ended in a Draw via Double Count Out

The opening match was a great way to start off the show as they got the crowd hyped up right from the get-go. It was also interesting for me as I was un-intentionally involved in the match – kind of. Mister Ian Williams, one of the wrestlers in this match, yelled at me to watch people who he thought were causing trouble when they were actually just booing him. He also had me take a cape from him that he came out with in his entrance and at the end of the match was grabbing my legs while attempting to stop Panda Cub from beating him up, which sadly ended up in the match going to a double count out since both guys weren’t in the ring for the ten count. I’m sure Ian was pleased that Cub didn’t win the match, but I feel bad for Cub and everyone in the crowd for what happened during the whole thing. Hopefully, Cub will get his chance at him again in the future.

Lou King Sharp defeated Aaron Echo
The next match was more of a comedy style match which had King Sharp showing off his looks to the women in the audience along with other silly acts, even going as far as to wrapping his arms around one woman in the crowd, because he thought he was a player or something I guess. But while Aaron had Sharp beat a good number of times during the match, it was Sharp who ended up getting the better of him after one too many tricky tactics that ended up working in his favour.

After the match he called out the VPW Heavyweight Champion, Dave Mastiff, for a championship match which he believed he was entitled to. I mean, I can’t deny him to this claim as this was my first time at a VPW show, so maybe he actually does. But instead of the champion coming out, ‘The Pride of Wales’, Eddie Dennis, made a surprise appearance to accept Sharp’s challenge instead, to which Sharp rejected, leaving those in attendance very upset over the whole thing. You’ll get your chance Eddie, I’m sure you will someday soon.

Newport Street Fight
Mike Bird defeated Jonny Storm (after interference from BISHOP)

This match was definitely the most brutal of the whole night as it had both Bird and Storm doing some crazy things with whatever was at their disposal. Many weapons and brutal moves were used, some of these moves used on the weapons even. I remember a road cone being thrust into Mike’s privates with a cricket bat at one point, that didn’t look fun. However, in the end, it was interference from Mike’s friend, Bishop, that ended up turning the result of the match in the Dragon Pro trainer’s favour as he ended up beating Jonny Storm.

After this match was a thirty minute intermission where everyone was allowed to get things from the merchandise stands, go to the toilets or stock back up on some beverages, alcoholic or otherwise. There was also a raffle for a number of prizes before the next match started, one of which was actually a smash steel trash can that was used in the Newport Street Fight and signed by both Bird and Storm, which I helped get the signatures from during this time. I mean, I’m not sure why I’d personally keep a destroyed metal bin or what I’d use it for, but I guess I could brag about it to the people who came over to my place and saw it – I guess? I bet the person who won it felt so good about themselves for getting those bragging rights.

‘Captain’ Dick Morgan defeated Danny Jones
The return match from the intermission got the crowd excited once more for the show as both of these guys gave them quite the show, even getting a brief ‘This is Awesome!’ chant, the only one of the night to my remembrance. And they weren’t wrong by any means. Though the post-match actually of Danny, who refused to shake Dick’s hand, after he offered it post match, was not so awesome I have to say. I mean I know he wanted to win the match, as would anyone else, but come on, be a good sport about it at least.

Vertigo Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Match
Chris Renfrew defeated Davey Blaze & Pastor William Eaver

The Pastor, or ‘Jesus’ as the crowd constantly referred to him as during the match due to his uncanny similarities to the son of God, seemed to be the crowd’s favourite during the match, but it was Renfrew who bested them both in the end in another impressive match between these three talented wrestlers.

Main Event: Vertigo Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match
Dave Mastiff retained against Wild Boar

This match was a great way to send the people home happy as it had two of the more aggressive names on the independent scene doing battle against each other, and it was a match you had to see in person to really enjoy it. Many a power move was used during this bout from both competitors, but it was the champion, Mastiff, who ended up retaining his championship in a hard-fought battle. Both Mastiff and Boar shook hands when all was said and done, just before the new number one contender Chris Renfrew re-appeared after to stare down the champion showing that he’s after what Dave has.

So, yeah, overall it was a true honour to have both helped out during this show, and to have watched it live as well. Seriously though guys, maybe this is just my inner indy showing, but coming to these lesser known wrestling promotions is such a blast as a fan of professional wrestling. More often than not, they tend to feel better than watching some of the bigger names on the telly since it’s just more intimate, I guess you could say. Everyone at the building was enjoying themselves, staff, the wrestlers, the fans, it was just an all-around good time at this Vertigo Pro show, and if I ever get the chance to help out with them again, or anyone else in the Welsh wrestling scene, I’d jump at the chance.

Speaking of which, I feel it’s appropriate to mention that VPW’s latest event has been announced. So to anyone in the Merthyr area, you’ll be in for a treat as their next show, ‘Vertigo Pro Wrestling: Into The Hills 1’ will be on the 12th September at Theatr Soar in Merthyr Tydfil. Whether it is as show staff or as a fan, I’ll do my best to try and see this show. However, it will be held a day after I return to my university halls so I may not be able to show up since I’d be unpacking and everything in Cardiff for my second year in uni. But if I can make it to the show, then you’ll be sure to know that I’ll be covering it here on this site.

For more information on the VPW Into The Hills 1 show, see the link below:

Or just for info on Vertigo Pro Wrestling as a whole, check out their Facebook here as well:

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