Road Safety Campaign Launched in RCT

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Sophie Evans, who is playing Dorothy in a West End musical adaptation of the Wizard of Oz has joined forces with RCT Council to encourage you the young people of RCT to Stop, Look and Listen when you cross the road.

Sophie is leading the way on the new campaign and is hoping that you will follow her The bright, colourful campaign has now been launched across Rhondda Cynon Taf and you will see various posters, billboards and adverts all over the County Borough.

You are already benefiting from the efforts of a dedicated Road Safety Team who work to ensure you stay safe and sound when you’re out and about.

The simple message is to ensure young people know the Green Cross Code off by heart and use it every time they cross the road no matter where they are or the time of day.

An important role you can play in Stop, Look and Listen is making sure your younger siblings know the Green Cross Code and if they don’t, why not spend some time teaching them.

“Young people are more at risk of accident and injury as they cross the road when they are out and about,” explained Sophie.

“That is why I was so keen to be a part of, and help promote Stop, Look and Listen, so we can all get involved and ensure it is part of the daily routine for our little brothers and sisters and so on!

“It is an important lesson and also one that can be fun and I hope people across Rhondda Cynon Taf can come together and pass on the Stop, Look, Listen lesson in their own way to protect younger residents.”

For more information, including interactive games and activities, about Stop, Look, Listen, visit the fun tales of the road website

You can also find out more about pedestrian safety and crossing the road here.

Can you remember who taught you the Green Cross Code? Why not share your stories below


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