Rock School August 2011 Gig

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On Friday, 12th August I attended the e3+ Rock School gig where 38 young people performed in one of six bands they had been a part of for at least the week.
Throughout this week they had written one song, and learned at least two other songs to cover. Everyone involved received a level 1 OCN.
Each Band was assigned a tutor who played an instrument and helped them progress throughout the week.

The names of the bands were ‘Awkward Silence, ‘Prototype’, ‘Band for Life’, the hilarious ‘Sheen Machine’, ‘Still Waiting’ and ‘Wicid’s’ very own BethanTheBarmy’s band, ‘Like She Said’.

Each band was brilliant and original and it was such a great night with some awesome music!

Did anyone else see the performances? Comment below or maybe band members could tell us a little about Rock School?


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