Royal Surprise at the Chronicles Of Narnia Premiere

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Liam Neeson was left stunned at the premiere of his latest Chronicles of Narnia movie after Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II showed up to greet the cast.

The monarch braved chilly temperatures on Tuesday to make a trip to London’s Leicester Square with her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh to don 3D glasses and watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

The Queen also shook hands with the film’s stars, including Irish actor Neeson and Simon Pegg, who had walked the snow-covered red carpet. Neeson told reporters, “I’m told the Queen doesn’t see many movies. But they’re coming tonight and that’s pretty special.”

Actor Ben Barnes, who is currently appearing in the West End stage show Birdsong, ensured he was at the event to shake hands with the Queen before racing back to his play. He added, “We didn’t know that it would be a royal premiere so I arranged to come to this and then nip back.”


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