Rugby World Cup 2011 Game

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Rugby World Cup 2011? The Rugby World Cup game is a game which allows you to play against other teams across the globe or even other people across the globe, but there some issues with this game. For instance Dan Carter who plays for New Zealand is called Ethan Harper and this is because they do not have the license for showing the real names. The graphics ain’t that all good either, the ball looks very flat and the players all look the same but with different body posture and different colour hair. 505 Games haven’t tried there very best with this at all. A big disappointment for me. Other people are recommending not to buy this game and buy the Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge instead which has all the licenses. Despite all of these problems the game is highly addictive, I’ve had the game 2 days now and have played so many times I can’t even count how much! Other people might agree or disagree, but I am only showing my thoughts about this game.

Please post your comments below if you have played this game and let me know what you think?


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