Ryan O’Shaughnessy

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Telling the whole of Britain about his love for a close friend by singing one of his own songs on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent, Ryan stole the nation’s heart, even mine. The mysterious girl (Peter Andre pun not intended) who Ryan sang about, has only recently revealed herself, saying that she only wants to be friends! This made some of us wonder why would you turn this boy down?!
But Ryan O’Shaughnessy can feel better about the girl, as he has now got a record deal and you can now see his video on YouTube.
Keeping the video simple is something that I enjoyed when I first watched it and now I’m finding myself clicking the repeat button because I never seem to get bored of listening to the words of the talented boy singing about the girl he loves, or loved.
I’m sure most of are thinking why hasn’t anyone done that for me? Well ladies, not all boys are like Ryan.
Ryan will be releasing an album soon and you can download his song ‘No Name’ on the 5th of August on I-Tunes.


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