S4C Programme ‘Hip neu Sgip’ coming to Canolfan yr Urdd, Aberdare

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Before the Summer I had the idea to apply to bepart of the popular S4C programme Hip neu Sgip.  Hip neu Sgip is a programme where a team of people transformdifferent locations, similar to Changing Rooms.  The main reason for making the application was because I waseager to start a weekly community club for the children in the Urdd Centre,Aberdare.

At present the place isn’t cool enough to attractchildren and young people, but the hope is that after the transformation theUrdd Centre will be a place that they will want to come to.  There isn’t anywhere at the moment forchildren and young people to socialise and use their Welsh outside of the classroom.  So, this would be a perfect opportunityto start a club.

S4C’s team are coming to film in The Urdd Centre,Aberdare during Half term week ( Tuesday and Wednesday 26th and 27thof October)  We are looking foradults, children and young people to be part of this exciting project.  We are relying on your help, theAberdare community to help us to fulfill our dream of having a cool place forthe young people of the area to socialise.

It’s important that you, the future of the centrehave an input in to the process of tranforming the place.  We also hope to have help from some ofyou with expertise in certain fields  such as painting, electrics and carpentry.

Remember that you will also be part of thesuccessful TV show Hip neu Sgip. This could be a chance for you to promote your companies if you help outaswell.  You do not have to befilmed but can still be part of the project too.

So, do not delay, If  you and your family are interested in being part of theproject please contact me on 01685 883953 or e-mail me on delyths@urdd.org

We want Wales to see how stong of community we arein Aberdare.  So prove this bycontacting me! 

Diolch yn fawr and really hope to hear from yousoon.

Delyth Southall-Urdd Development Officer


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