Sanity’s Requiem

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I love you, though you fail to embrace.
Welcome to the abyss of Broken heart ache,
And with it, a Tragic mistake made in vain.

When All I’ve said has happened,
The reality of my consequences, becomes too harsh,
There I enter, Sanity’s requiem…

Alone. Forever. Alone.

Through the descent of sadistic ways,
I find myself still longing for help.
The darkness creeps in to an innocent soul,
And sanity’s requiem is avenged.

Emily Hattersley

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    May I ask…. why on earth haven’t you told me that you write sooo well? You’re really really really really really good! And for some reason, I can imagine your voice saying all of this when I’m reading it haha. Love you! x x x x

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