Say Goodbye To (Some Of) Your Money… Maybe.

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Do you own a twenty pound note? Look at it.

Do you see someone by the name of Sir Edward Elgar?

If so, use it soon, because you won’t be able to purchase items with it after the thirtieth of June, though it’s up to the banks if they agree to swap notes after this date.

Only twenty pound notes with the portrait of the Scottish economist Adam Smith will be legal tender, which has been printed since March 2007.

About 10 per cent of all £20 notes in circulation equating to 150 million notes, worth £3 billion are the old versions featuring the English composer. They were introduced in June 1999 along with a view of the west face of Worcester Cathedral, replacing the previous series of notes featuring Michael Faraday, the physicist, and before that William Shakespeare.

Do not fret, mind. And even if you weren’t worrying, just stay unworried. After June the first the Bank of England promises to swap your old Tweny pound note (even if it dates back to the Second World War) with a new one.

So, what will become to those shunned notes with the portrait of the English composer? Well, they are to be sent to the official Government incinerators, where they are to be destroyed in flames. This is the place where they burn illigal tobacco seized by HM Revenue and Customs ot British ports. All this burning will create a small amount of thermoelectric power.


1 thought on “Say Goodbye To (Some Of) Your Money… Maybe.”

  1. CrazyDistortion says:

    I doubt it, since the twenty quid from WWII wouldn’t be legal tender, hence no value, right? Or am I totally wrong… =].

    It might have a larger value to those who collect war memorabilia, yeah. But from the thing I read (and no, it weren’t from a Wiki), it said it’ll be a 20-20 swap. Simples.

    And also, I never lie. Never…… NEVER!!!….. =].

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