Shadow Happy @ The Factory!

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So, The Factory (the new name due to copyrighted reasons The Pop Factory), in Porth has reopened it’s door to the South Wales music community.

To celebrate this, Shadow Happy Promotions are running a show on August 6th, featuring the live talents of:

The Dirty Youth
Reaper In Sicily
Venus Vipers
Royal Glam

In what’s sure to be an exciting night!

As well as bands playing, we’ve also invited guests to come down set up some stalls and spread their word about what they are doing in the Rhondda.

So far we have

The Young Promoter’s Network, who are running the Sweatbox gigs in Treorchy, and making a gateway for those of us who wish to be involved in the behind the scenes situations of shows and events.

Plugged In Magazine. For many years now Plugged In has been reviewing, interviewing bands from the local scene and further afield, helping young journalists into the business.

Tough Luck Clothing, based in Aberdare are a new clothing company with some awesome designs and a growing family of band sponsors and endorsements.

Skullfuk Clothing is a brand that people have a part in completing polls and inputting ideas we are able to create clothing that suits everyone’s tastes.

We’re still looking for more people/companies that would be interesting in come down to the show to network themselves as much as possible, maybe a chance to get a show, work with some awesome people, maybe even get your band endorsed, or get some design work if you are an artist!

It’s an event you don’t want to miss!

Come to the facebook page here


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