Shake Up Your Wake Up

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Hey you, yes, you there. Shake up your wake up!

I bet you’re wondering what I’m on about. Well, 26th January to 1st February is ‘Farmhouse Breakfast Week‘. This is an annual celebration of the importance of breakfast. This aims us – as a nation – to shake up your wake up. From some statistics, 47% of people regularly skip breakfast during the week. So the aim of this to encourage you guys to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

This campaign, managed by HGCA, was started in 2000 and it keeps growing. So, c’mon, help it to grow even more guys. Farmhouse Breakfast Week is run on the behalf of farmers that grow crops like wheat, oats and barley. The purpose is to give awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast. The aim is to make people think “where did my breakfast come from?” and to also support the farmers who produced it.

Everyone in the food chain is encouraged to get involved – from the farmers to the food producers and the consumers. So, c’mon, lets hold an event to promote the importance of starting the day with a bit of breakfast.

So as I said guys: ‘Shake up your wake up!’

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