Silence Versus The X Factor

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Yn Gymraeg

Everyone in Britain knows about The X Factor. Which, to me, is a sad thought.

It seems like the stream of X Factor winners earning the title of Christmas Number One would be endless.

Then, last year’s winner Joe McElderry lost out to Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name (note – the link takes you to the actual song, so there’s some bad words).

It seems like the same this year, with many people supporting different campaigns to stop another X Factor winner gaining Christmas Number One and the continuous numbing of music these days.

Though, there seems to be a “supergroup” that wants to stop this years X Factor winner, whoever they may be, from the top spot.

So, what song have the supergroup, consisting of the likes of Pete Doherty, Imogen Heap, Orbital and Billy Brag, decided to recreate?

Well, it’s obvious. It’s John Cage’s [pictured] 4’33”

Ever heard of it? Well, if you just turn everything off for a minute then you’ll have a sneak preview of what the song is. Yes, it’s just four and a half minutes of silence.

There’s also a Facebook group – dubbed Cage Against The Machine – that has over sixty thousand fans.

The winner of the Brit Award for Best Producer this year, Paul Epworth, will be at the controls to record the performance.

“We’re going to plug everybody in,” said Xfm DJ Eddy Temple-Morris, who has helped organise the session.

“We’re going to have a drum kit with a few drummers, some bass players, some guitarists.

“I don’t know what the noise will be. I imagine there will be the tweak of a leather jacket, a cough, a snigger, a muffled laugh.

“You’ll hear whatever happens in that room at that time. That’s the performance.”

The reason that 4’33” was chosen was that it was the “most avant garde piece of music ever made”, according to Temple-Morris. He added that he objected to The X Factor because of the way it humiliates contestants who don’t make the grade.

It’s really cruel, I think, taking people and giving them false hope,” he said.

He continued, saying that the show was guilty of “putting them on that stage and basically laughing at them like the village idiot in medieval times.”

Like last year’s campaign that raised quite a lot for Shelter, this campaign is also raising money for charity. Well, five charities, in fact. The five charities include Calm, a service for young men at risk of suicide, and the British Tinnitus Association.

So far, the song is at 5/1 to be Christmas Number One, while the eventual X Factor winner is at 4/7 favourite. If you understand that, well done you. I don’t. Happy days.

6 thoughts on “Silence Versus The X Factor”

  1. CrazyDistortion says:

    Whoa, hang on a cotton-picking minute now…

    Before I start, I’d like to state that I did not watch the X Factor this year (meaning that I had not watched the show). Also, I wrote this before the final. Not only that (before the Editors of Wicid start looking angry at me), these are my opinions alone, not of anyone of Wicid or Clic. Right, where to start…

    @david.evans Just saying, the Rage Against The Machine campaign protest was for multiple things. The main one (as probably everyone will remember) is to stop Simon Cowell just using the X Factor to gain revenue from wining Christmas No.1 again. Not only that, it raised a hell of a lot for the charity Shelter, if the X Factor did the same thing, then I’d be less against the X Factor, but all the money that is spent on the winners single goes straight to Simon Cowell, with only a fraction going to the winner.

    I preferred Killing In The Name to whatever Joe’s song was (some bland cover). I prefer songs with a groove to them. There was no groove in Joe’s song, but that bassline in Killing In The Name… Oooof. No-one can deny that this song has groove.

    @matthewmclaren, You can’t hate someone for writing an article that is fact. I wrote this article, yes. Doesn’t mean that I agree with it or not. Yes, I may have hinted that I dislike the X Factor, but it doesn’t mean that I fully agree with the protests. If these things carry on (both X Factor and the protest songs) then it will be a never-ending cycle between the haters and those who hate the haters. If that makes sense. Maybe I should have mentioned that there are other songs fighting for the top spot, 4’33” was the first one I heard of, even if I heard that they were going to put Bird Is The Word in the competition. Oh, and that ‘take four minutes and thirty three seconds to think if this is a good idea’ thing? How long did it take you to think that up?

    To the others, why can’t X Factor be during the middle of the year? Sales. Cowell wants to take as much money from you as possible. Not only that, why can’t the winners just write their own songs and use that for the final song? If they did that, I would have so much more respect for the winner than I do now. But no, they just cover some songs that Cowell decides.

    I may just see the X Factor through different eyes to all of you, but one thing is for sure, whoever won the X Factor (I don’t even know their name) isn’t the real winner in the long run. Cowell is. Ever thought of that?

    Also, sorry if this seems like a rant. Its not meant to be. =].

  2. WICIDeditor says:

    Ok guys, here’s my say. I totally loved the Rage against the machine thing last year. It’s a great song and loved the fact that the give the processes to a great charity, one that is close to my heart “Shelter”

    I think this was totally unique until soon after facebook was flooded with new,old and unsigned bands begging to buy their song to get to the top of the charts.

    I liked the top of the pops days where if you liked the song that you hear on the radio, tv or read a review about it. You’d go out and buy it.

    In regards to the 4.33 song, being a musician who has spent a lot of my life writing and recording. So to me, that fact they are calling this art is a load of rubbish. They only way they are getting this up the charts is on the back of last years rage and taking the glory from it all. I saw the vid for John Cage’s 4.33 and thought they all looked a bit too smug for the whole meaning of it. I’m also a big fan Eddy Temple-Morris and have actually worked with him in the old days in the pop factory when he was a presenter there. Why Eddy why? Why so smug?

    So, I will not be buying an MP3 of nothing. No matter who says I should and it’s for a good course to beat the x-factor. I love live music and always respect the time and effort the people put into something they love.

    There are a million people begging us buy a single for Christmas. My advice is, pick something you actually like listening to. “Don’t believe the hype”.

  3. Ollys_Direction says:

    Whoa, Callum, Matthew and David! Never seen you guys so angry!

  4. BethanTheBarmy says:

    If you ask me, getting to number 1 via the X Factor is like having it handed to you on a plate. There are a lot of more talented, hard-working artists out there who made it on their own without the manipulative hand of the music producers on their shoulders.
    I’m not saying that Matt isn’t talented. I’m not saying he IS talented either, I wouldn’t really know. What I will say is this; If he was that talented, surely he would have made it on his own, like so many of the artists we love?
    Music isn’t about popularity, it’s about passion. The X Factor is everything I despise about the music industry; fame, money, popularity contest after popularity contest.

    I don’t really agree with buying a Christmas single to stick it to the X Factor either though, it’s the same thing isn’t it? When did music stop being about the sound? Music has the power to build relationships, but only the music industry has the power to take them away.

    And Honestly, when I first heard of 4’33” in my GCSE music class, I thought it was absolute genius. Who is anyone to say it’s not art? It takes a lot more creativity to be silent than it does to steal another’s song, or even to write some of the crap in the charts today.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If it was up to me, it would definitely be this song.

  6. WICIDeditor says:

    No.21 = Fail!

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