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Long phone contracts can be tetchy and expensive. You know what it’s like; you’re due an upgrade on your already pretty expensive contract, so you walk into the nearest branch of your network provider and you’re talked into upping the price of your contract in exchange for the shiniest, most stylish smartphone by the ‘oh-so-persuasive’ and relatable sales assistant.

It’s only when you get home that you realise you may have to sacrifice a few things to pay the extra quids on your new contract. And it’s only when you have a good play-around with your new phone that you realise you prefer your old phone. Hmm… what to do?

Well, now there’s a new option which puts all those trepidations to bed – a SIM-only plan. You can choose to pay monthly, or choose pay-as-you-go – from ten british sterling a month. These contracts put an end to worrying about being skint for the rest of the month once your contract comes out and also allows you to keep hold of your phone, should you not with to get your mitts on a new one. The SIM-only plan is perfect for young people and students, as you can choose what amount you want to pay and aren’t tied in to any sort of deal with your network; allowing you to de-stress about money and enjoy doing what you do. More information on SIM-only plans, by 3, can be found here:

We were lucky enough to try out a SIM-only plan by Three and we can say we were really impressed with the effortlessness the plan allows and how enticing the plan will be to students and young people who sometimes feel tied down to lengthy 24-month contracts, when their money could be spent elsewhere.

The phone we were sent – a Samsung Galaxy Fame – was also impressive. It’s a sturdy, small phone that is fast to use and is pretty easy to navigate when it comes to texting, Facebook and Twitter. It has all the functions of smartphones nowadays and the camera is impressive for an older model. It’s got a big screen which allows ease of use and you’re not squinting when it comes to YouTube and images and general internet use (the internet is pretty nifty on the phone, too).

So, all in all, we recommend a SIM-only plan as it allows you to not worry about huge bills coming out of your account and you can decide how much you want to pay while still using your favourite (or new) phone. This is definitely one all you students and thrifty young people should look into.

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