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Yn Gymraeg

Sims 3 is a game where you control a family’s lives.

They can get married, have a job and have children. I personally am addicted to this game It’s currently my favourite.

When a Sim is born it grows through the following stages: newborn (baby), toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult and finally alder. Although you can speed up aging by buying a birthday cake and getting your Sim to blow the candles out (apart from elders).

My favourite age to be is young adult, because it’s the best age to start a family,

When a member of your family is a child or teenager, they must attend school where they have homework every night and must do it by the next day of schooling.
I think that having your Sims go to school is a great thing because if they do well in school they can get on the honour roll, and also it’s a great place to meet friends.
Also, if you do well in school you can pick your next trait as you grow.

In Sims 3 you can have many jobs, but only one job at a time. You can have jobs such as: footballer, singer, scientist and many more! If you have The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack, you can actually do the jobs for them (depending on the job). With Sims 3 Ambitions, you can have even more jobs for your Sims. I have Sims 3 and the Ambitions Expansion Pack and I think it makes the game a lot better.

With Sims 3, you get paid money for doing your jobs (like in real life). You need money to buy things. You also have to pay bills (although, if you need help getting a little money, you can always look for money cheats on Google!). Money on Sims 3 isn’t pounds or euros, you pay for things in Simoleons and get paid in Simoleons.

With Sims 3 you can pick your own traits (sometimes!). You rely on traits to pick your lifetime wish (what you want to be when you’re older). You can have all different traits on Sims 3, such as: friendly, evil, artistic, virtuoso.

They are just a few but there are many more to choose from!

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Great Article! I haven’t played the Sims 3 in a while! I’ve had so much going on! I miss those days! When I was younger, on Sims 2, I made the High School Musical Cast because I’m a very sad person haha x

  2. Toriabeth! says:

    I love the sims 3! epic game 😀

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