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James Bond is back!!!

Skyfall is the latest James Bond film. The film was released in cinemas on Friday 26th October. The movie starts off with another classic car chase with Daniel Craig (007) and his partner Naomie Harris (Miss Moneypenny) in pursuit of a villain with an important piece of hard drive. The chase starts in a Land Rover for the two MI6 agents and the villains in an Audi.

The chase ends up in Bond taking a swim in a river and Moneypenny thinks that he’s dead.The next scene of the film is the film’s theme song by Adele – ‘Skyfall’ – and as the song goes on it shows Bond plunging to the depths of the river.

When the song comes to an end 007 wakes up next to his lover Tonia Sotiropoulou, then he walks to the bar on the beach for a good drink. Bond looks like a wreck and clearly isn’t “loving life” at the moment. The film then takes us to M travelling in a car with Agent Tanner and they’re both witnesses to the destruction of the MI6 headquarters.

The film develops to show the ex-Agent turned psychopath Javier Bardem (Silva) who had a previous relationship with M and goes on a manhunt for M and 007 and the film changes location to Scotland to a house called ‘Skyfall’ – James Bond’s old orphanage. The pair meet up with an old grounds-keeper who worked at Skyfall when 007 was a boy. The action takes up again as they prepare for Javier Bardem to ‘come for their heads’. 

The film goes on to show Silva coming with his gang and destroying Skyfall and James trying to stop Silva killing M. But will he succeed?

Please comment if you have watched the film and whether or not you enjoyed it.

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