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I had a few hours free so I decided to merge the Slipknot masks together. Slipknot (formed in 1995) is a heavy metal band from Iowa, America, and each band member creates their own personal masks. There are a total of 9 members (I know right, wow!):

Corey Taylor – lead vocals
Joey Jordison (who is THE best drummer in the world!) – drums
Chris Fehn – custom percussion, backing vocals
Craig Jones – sampling, media
Jim Root – guitarist
Shawn Crahan – custom percussion, backing vocals
Paul Gray (RIP) – bassist
Sid Wilson – turntables
Mick Thomson – guitarist

Each mask is what they personally feel is a reflection of themselves. So as an example, if you take Joey Jordison’s mask, it represents how society has torn him apart and left him tattered from what everyone seems to think the ‘perfect human’ is.
Each mask has a story, so don’t judge a book by its cover. (As they say…)

Every person has a right to their personality and thoughts!

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