Snow is Awesome

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Snow is awesome but our inability to cope with it isn’t.

The snow we’ve witnessed this year, pretty much all over Wales, is evidence that when it comes to travelling in the snow, we totally fall apart.

This winter has been embarrassingly bad since the first snow seen from around late December. It then continued into the New Year and throughout the January A-level and GCSE exams.

Many young students didn’t make it to their exams, and others had to walk possibly miles to sit an exam, due to the lack of public transport in Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) during the days of heavy snow coverings.

On the evening of the 12th of January, there was a thick blanket of snow and many people were left stranded in their cars as not all roads were gritted. The councils’ salt levels ran low, leaving many roads closed including three busy mountain roads in RCT. In the following days, even the roads that did get treated were deserted as thousands of schools and workplaces shut down, due to over-exaggerated “health and safety” reasons.

Other countries would laugh at this. A Canadian or Norwegian would have made it in to work in conditions worse than we had. Apparently, our winters are not usually severe enough for us to make adequate preparations for when we do get snow. But maybe, if this is the way our winters are heading, we need to be more prepared. Obviously, councils shouldn’t pour money into buying snow ploughs but it looks like car-owners may have to start investing in chains for their tyres.

But if we still can’t travel anywhere despite all our efforts, we may as well make the most of the awesome snow scenes and sledging opportunities. Afterall, it makes a change from the rain.


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