So Alone (poem)

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Sitting on my bed a tear sheds from my eye
Trying my hardest to be strong
And not care about things
But all I can do is cry
It feels so lonely in the world I live in
Like there is no one by my side
I feel so dark and shaded
And like I should just crawl away and cry
Is there anybody out there that can understand my pain?
It’s like this life is surreal
And my emotions are a cruel game
People think I’m some sort of circus act
And entertainment for them all
But I’m a real person and that’s a fact
They think I act like this for show
I would do anything to be a normal girl
I feel like I’m completely different
And un-normal in this world
Panic and frustration always leaves me in a mess
With everything that’s going on
I feel like I’m dealing with more than just stress.

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  1. Deliah says:

    Nice poem. I really like it. In a way that actually applies to me. I can understand what you’re talking about.
    If I am honest, the only thing that has kept me going so far is my boyfriend. He understands what I am talking about when life gets me down sometimes, and even if is he doesn’t, he still comforts me.
    Really that’s all people really need, is not someone who understands what you’re going through, but someone who is willing to comfort you through and is willing to stick by your side.
    Anyway, great poem, I really like it 🙂 x

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