So, This Is The Modern Way…

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I have a question for you.

Do you like the modern way?

I mean, read this….

Today, there was news (via AOL). It had a rather sickening title… Horror As Baby Is Flung In Path Of Bus By Teenage Girls.

Sorry, what? Teenage girls, flinging a baby in a path of a bus? I clicked the link…

Commuters looked on in horror yesterday as a teenage thug threw a terrified seven month old baby into the path of a double decker bus.

According to the article, the fourteen-year-old girl was arrested after ‘launching a savage attack on baby Tavish Dabedeen’s family at a railway station in Croydon, south London.’

Witnessess claim that the two teenagers attacked the family of a mother, her daughters and a baby son viciously as they walked near the London train station. One of the teenage girls is alleged to rip the baby from his older sister’s arms and thrown in front of the bus. The second picture in the picture area is an image of the baby after the incident.

Luckily, the bus-driver managed to avoid the infant, who landed on the bus lane. Another lucky thing is that passers-by immediately rushed to the baby’s aid.

The baby’s father, the 42-year-old Rajiv Dabedeen, said that he was only minutes away from picking up his family, only to receive a phone call from police to give the father the news.

”I was distraught,” the father said, “my son could have been killed, and my wife and daughters were attacked in broad daylight. How could someone do that to a defenseless child, what kind of human being could hurt a baby? He is lucky to be alive, he hit his head and had bumps and bruises but other than that he is fine.’

It is thought that the teenage girls had targeted the family in a shopping centre earlier in the evening before the event.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman stated ‘A 14-year-old girl was arrested later the same day and taken to a south London police station. She has been bailed until September pending further inquiries.’ The hunt for the second girl continues…

Now, is this what I don’t get…

What, in all that is sensible in this world, made two teenage girls throw a baby at a bus? Okay, it’s not nice to chuck anything or anyone at a bus, but a baby? What do you get from such an act? Publicity? If so, that is the lowest of the lowest low…

And another thing, they’ve ‘bailed’ the girl until September? Does this not make sense to anybody else? They threw a baby at a bus. And what is the consequence? One has ran away and the other one has to wait ’til September to see what she’s going to get. Seriously, she could do something like this (maybe worse than what she’s already done) again.

So, do you like the modern way?…


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