So you wanna be a journalist?

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Many of the people that frequent these pages, people like YOU, who write articles for WICID and CLIC, who submit videos, reviews, photos and stories and have a dream of one day working for a newspaper, TV, magazine or radio station as a journalist, often don’t know how to take that next step.
Well the good news is that by writing for WICID, CLIC, your school newsletter, on blogs and other forums, you have actually taken that first step and maybe even moved further.
Nothing counts for experience and i have the proof.
The BBC have just advertised their journalist trainee scheme and in their advertisements they state “We are more concerned with your talent, potential and passion to achieve great things with us, than with your academic background”.
Now if that is not evidence enough to get your articles up on this site as proof of your talent then i don’t know what is!
I urge some of the people who contribute to this site to apply for the position (link below). Who knows, you could then write an article for the BBC about WICID!
Happy writing.


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