Soccer Six @ Charlton 18/05/2014

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I’d be full on lying if I said I was a fan of football. I’m really not. But if you add football and some of my favourite artists together and give me the opportunity to go as press, then I’ll take it without batting an eyelid.

Sunday, 18th May, I headed out at 6am for a four hour bus journey followed by another hour and a half on tubes and trains to get to Charlton, London, for Soccer Six. Now, for those of you who have never heard of Soccer Six – it’s the world’s biggest celebrity football event. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, truth be told. I was assuming that, as press, I could get some decent seats to watch the event in order to write up a snazzy little review. Boy, was I wrong. It was a boiling hot day and I did get sunburnt, so let this be a reminder to you all to make sure you have sunscreen on you dare there be a little bit of sunshine – you never know how hot it’ll get.

My friend, Emma, and I were press for the day and we were given press wristbands which had to be worn at all times to prove you were allowed in the areas allocated for being press. We were actually allowed on the sides and around the pitch. This was my first ever football event and what a corker of a view I had. I was on the outskirts of the pitches (the pitch was divided into four, by the way, so four matches could take place at once. Confusing, I know) and there were footballs flying left right and centre and we even had to dodge a few, which was quite scary.

People such as Olly Murs, Sam Bailey, Mark Wright from TOWIE, Dappy, and Joshua Franchesci (the lead singer of You Me At Six) were all at the event and then smaller names such as BGT contestant Bailey McConnell, Eastenders’ Cheryl Ferguson (Heather Trott, RIP) and up and coming boyband M.A.D. Everyone was in high spirits and seemed to really enjoy the match.

We managed to rub shoulders with a lot of those people and of course, since I idolise Olly, it was an honour meeting him again.

The event was really good fun and Olly’s team was the overall winning team. We were allowed access to the VIP room so we managed to meet YouTuber Andy Samuels – who I’m a big fan of. It was a heck of a lot of fun and some of the players even performed after the match.

The overall day was loads of fun and we managed to get a lot of photos for so make sure you check them out.

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