SongGenie 2 & CoverScout 3

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Yn Gymraeg

Software Review

Name – SongGenie 2 and CoverScout 3
Company – Equinux
Operating System – Mac (reviewed on Macbook).
Price – 17.99 each (via Mac App Store).

Developed by Equinux, one of the leading developers for the Macintosh and iOS operating system, SoundGenie 2 and CoverScout 3 set out to clean up your iTunes library. While CoverScout searches for album covers for those songs that has no album artwork currently allocated to them, SongGenie scans your iTunes library and collects information about your songs, giving you lyrics, song titles and album details.

So, is it like Ronseal? Does it do exactly what it says on the tin? Allow me to expand.


Let’s be honest here, this is a typical design for an application for the Mac. The cover flow look in both apps come straight from iTunes, while the usage of the fonts are identical to the normal running of a Mac. The reflections are also a typical design feature. That said, it is a pleasing design. Nothing is cluttered, everything has its place. Though there does seem a lack of customising the layout. Also, I’m rather unsure about the thought process about having the silhouettes as the icons for these apps. 

But then again, there’s more to life than looks. Next.


To answer the question I asked above, it does do what you ask of it. Though, CoverScout is much more successful in its results than SongGenie is.
Firstly, CoverScout. After commencing the search for covers for those songs without them, CoverScout brings you a selection of album covers for you to choose from. From the amount of time that I’ve had using this program, it has been correct way more times than it has been incorrect. It even gives you star ratings for the searched album covers to give you an idea of how relevant the album cover is to the album in question.

SongGenie, on the the other hand, is less successful, though it is correct most of the time. Give it a unnamed song, and it can correctly give you the information for it, though it can return with spelling mistakes and other small things that could annoy some. One of the biggest flaws, I have found, is that it is too narrow-minded in its returns when it comes to genres, as the majority of results for my library have ended up being rock, while I have a mixture of  different genres in my collection.

Using Skindred’s album, Babylon, as an example, it seems that SongGenie slightly struggles with the issue of reissues. Babylon has been released twice – once in 2002 and again in ’04. SongGenie seemed to have no idea what version that the album I bought was. One song, it thought it was the ’02 issue, the other, it thought it was the ’04. This can prove annoying if you are trying to keep albums together.

The lyrics function, on the other hand, was more hit and miss than the other functions. When it does return with lyrics for a song, it is the correct lyrics most of the time. Other times, on the other hand, the lyrics that are returned to you can be misspelled or just wrong. I’ve had one result that had no capitol letters and no order to the lyrics, though I am sure that this was a one-off.

Though, if SongGenie didn’t bring back any lyrics automatically, it gives you the option to search for them yourself. After clicking on the “search the web” icon after it says that no lyrics have been found, a new window appears – SongGenie’s built in internet explorer. It automatically opens and searches some of the web’s well known lyrical websites. This is also true for CoverScout when it fails to return any search results for album covers.


Yes, these programs do what they are set out to do, but is it worth the price tag? It would be wrong of me to say that it was. It just seems slightly on the extravagant side to spend close to £40 on two applications to sort your iTunes library, though others may seem otherwise.


To end this review, both programs are very well presented and work well, though it make me think that the programs (especially SongGenie) could be better when it comes to collecting results considering the price. That said, I will rate SongGenie 2 a deserved 7.1/10.0, while giving CoverScout 3 a respectable 7.6/10.0


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