Spectacle Theatre Intergenerate Event

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This event was all about inviting older people from the community alongside young people, so they could get together in one space to begin an open discussion.

The day commenced with a piece of theatre – ‘Life in The Disabled Lane’ – that had been written by a local resident, John Mann, based on an incident that took place on a fellow resident from Ty Ddewi in Ton Pentre. The piece was rehearsed and performed by both older and young people. The production was used as a stimulus to spark a discussion around people’s thoughts and feelings of the themes and behaviours within the play but also to open up a wider discussion about behaviour and the impact of different behaviours and labels.

There was a short presentation on young people’s rights as well as older people’s rights. TEDS ran an hour’s training session about drugs misuse. All in all, it was a very informative and enjoyable day – thanks, Spectacle.     

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