Staplers and their misdeeds.

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P.P.P.S Cupboard – A board for cups? Or a cup that is bored but can’t spell?

P.P.S I was walking down a street (or was it up? There was no gradient involved, how am I supposed to know? Is there an inherent up or down-ness to the world? Am I supposed to research the geography of an area before I go anyway? (I do hope these answers will be, hang on I said that wrong, I mean “I do hope these questions will be answered”. Yeah, that’s right. Did I need those speech marks? I think I did, I can do it if it I want to (or is it too? I don’t think it is. Am I asking too many questions? And then answering them. Anyway, story. I was walking down a street, oh wait hang on). Ha, correcting yourself within stories. (Maybe I shouldn’t mention that or it’ll break the illusion or something (I don’t think I’m going for an illusion (Yes I am. (No. (Yes, wait, this isn’t how you use brackets, you fool) Yes it is) No it’s not). No an illusion requires some sort of setup, you’re just talking to yourself in text form with loads of brackets (I think all these brackets are making sense if you look back properly (I hope they are anyway (WOAH! That advert with the Mini-Max helping the little girl get ready for school just came on and he was all like “Let’s get ready for school”, It was creepy), I’m pretty sure they are.), Yeah I’m just checking now (or maybe I didn’t and I just did it at the end, you wouldn’t know. (This block of text is unattractive, but I can’t paragraph or I’ll lose the bracket trail, at least that’s how I assume they work. I’m going to end them quickly)) It seems fine.)), as long a this is an illusion it’s fine with me ( or not, I’m easy (but not in that way))) or maybe the brackets ARE the illusion), you can’t tell me what to do) and then the street ended.

Ha, look at that, space. After that rather taxing paragraph maybe we’ll all want something easy like, I don’t know, clouds. There are you relaxed now? I’ll wait.


There. I’m relaxed now. Wow, Microsoft Word is bullying me a lot about sentence fragments. There are more green lines than words. Oh wait, wasn’t I meant to write a story? RIGHT, here we go, serious business story writing time.
It was a cold night, the kind of night where
Nah, I liked writing the first part better. Clearly, dramatic story writing isn’t for me. Well, it’s time for me to hit the old dusty trail.
P.S You did fall asleep in the movie. You know who you are.
Ah, yes I did rather enjoy being civilised for once and watching an all grown up movie “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”. That’s all I have on that.

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