Star Wars may have just become a sudden reality

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No prizes for guessing who invented this piece of mechanical mastery. I quite literally stumbled upon this story a matter of minutes ago, and immediately wanted to write about it. And here’s the most likely very short article about it.

This beauty is a “Land Walker”, designed a few years ago, and unbelievably you could actually buy it in Japan. Now though, you can buy it whoever you are, where ever you are. Now that strikes me as bizarre. If you look at the article, it looks like there’re potential guns on those things! I mean, come on, I can understand wanting to have a monster-machine to walk through Tesco’s to do your shopping for you, mainly because it would be a barrel of laughs. But, let’s be practical. Can you really imagine picking up a carton of eggs in that thing? And that’s not the last of the problems. Bags of oranges will squash in your claws, marshmallows will go all flat, crisps will all be crushed. You’ll have so many problems to contend with.

Oh, and along with the fact that it’s 3 and a half metre’s tall. You won’t fit through the sliding doors in Tesco!

This bi-pedal beast is actually available on the market right now. How much for? A whopping £220,000. Now that does sound like a lot, and yes you can buy a house with that money, but that’s cheaper than loads of those supercars Top Gear always drive. A Bugatti Veyron, for example. Which would you rather driving through constant 30mph zones all day long with the annoyance of having 700 horsepower at your fingertips, or, getting into your Land Walker and bounding along the streets of where ever you live with not a care in the world?

Personally, I vote for the monster. Just wait. In a few decades, cars will cease to exist and the world will be come Land Walker friendly.

Watch this space, earthlings.


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