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I decided not to just sit on my tod all day and the invitation to a gig persuaded me to write about a new up-and-coming band from Aberdare. They are called ‘Still Waiting’ and consist of:-
Dylan Evans – Lead Guitarist / Backing Vocals
Owyn Beecham – Vocals
Keiron Dix – Lead Guitarist
Joshua Phillips – Rhythm Guitarist
Connor Thomas – Bass Guitarist
Jason Robinson – Drummer

A big shout out to Jason, who only joined the band on Saturday (12/11), before the gig on Sunday (13/11). Despite this, he still managed a sterling performance and didn’t put a foot (or stick) wrong.
I know what your thinking, ‘Are they as good as the Stereophonics?’ ‘Are they as big as Green Day?’ Well I can answer your questions with.bigger and better!
Having seen a gig this afternoon, I can firmly report that they are excellent (even though ‘excellent’ isn’t a good enough word).
They practically blew the roof off Glynhafod top club covering songs from great bands such as: Green Day and My Chemical Romance, and playing songs such as: American Idiot; Na na na; Whiskey in the Jar and All the Small Things – they kept all of the rock fans happy with the awesome drum beat, wicked guitar and amazing vocals.
Not a fan of rock? They are still a band you should listen to as they even cover songs such as ‘Dakota’ and ‘Brown Eyed Girl.’
As I said, they are an AMAZING Band that do the valleys proud! Everybody should look out for them as I feel (and I’m not the only one) that they will make it big in the music world and will follow the likes of the Stereophonics in putting Wales and Aberdare on the map!

P.S. Message from the band:
We are looking for sponsors so if you are interested please contact Dylan Evans or any other member of the band. Alternatively you can contact us on our Facebook page. Thanks.


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