Stop Judging People Because of What you Heard!

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Seriously….? who are you people to judge people because of the way they live their lives, I have been judged by people my whole life. I have been judged for the way I am or sometimes they will blame my parents. You are probably reading this and thinking “Yeah but I am entitled to my own opinion”. To try and prove a point, yes I’m not saying that I’m perfect, and have never done bad things, because I would be lying. Yes, I drink. I’ve tried drugs. I’m constantly swearing, but that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person for being who I am!

Because I have done these things, I’m seen as a bad person, who people gossip about and they look down at me like I’m a piece of rubbish on the floor. They don’t know anything about me, only the things that people have said about me. I wish I could just sit them down and tell them who I am, what I actually do in Life apart from drinking etc, because do you notice how they never know the good stuff about me, it seems to be always bad.

I’m not a druggy just because I have taken them before. I’m not an alcoholic because I always drink, because when I drink I get more confident than I ever would be sober. Everyone does these things, so why have people got to be concerned about the way you are? Oh yeah I forgot. It’s the parents’ fault mun, which isn’t true, because even if they did try correcting us kids, we would do it behind their backs anyway.

I used to judge people because of what I heard, but now I am best friends with some of these people. Stop judging people, because they are being themselves. There is more to life than being so concerned about they way other people live their Lives!

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  1. BethanTheBarmy says:

    Madadz69, the phrase you’re referring to means “Don’t assume I’m an alcoholic because I always drink”, not “I always drink, therefore I’m not an alcoholic”.

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