Stress:- More Serious Than You Think

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Stress is something a lot of people have to deal with. Some deal with more than others. Some people even thrive on stressful and challenging jobs. Either way, too much stress isn’t good for you at all. As I’ve found out in the past week…

I won’t go into detail as to what exactly got me stressed because that’s not the point. All I’ll say is that thanks to a lot of GCSE stress and my mother having to be taken to hospital last week, I had a lot of stress on my back. I had to complete so many pieces of coursework, help around the house because my mother wasn’t able to complete her usual tasks and with all that on my plate, it led to me ending up with a total of three detentions (two in one day) for forgetting things. I came home from school, slumped on the couch and began crying. I had already had two panic attacks (if you’ve read my previous article, ‘The Nervous Journey Through Anxiety And Depression’, you’ll know I suffer from cyclothemia, a type of bi polar and suffer with anxiety problems.) earlier in the week due to stress and by Friday, I felt like a ton of bricks had collapsed on top of me. My mother could tell that I had signs of another nervous breakdown coming so she immediately phoned my Head of Year at school to arrange an appointment with her to discuss getting more support for me. She also phoned the clinic I attend to see if I could have an appointment sometime soon. Thankfully, I have my close friends and family supporting me through this and I’m hoping to come out of all of it soon.

Stress isn’t just something that just pesters you. It can make you ill. There are many symptoms of stress. Here’s a list of them that I saw on a poster once (this is from memory, so bare with me):-

Memory problems
Inability to concentrate

Poor judgment

Seeing only the negative

Anxious or racing thoughts

Constant worrying
Irritability or short temper
Agitation, inability to relax
Feeling overwhelmed
Sense of loneliness and isolation
Depression or general unhappiness
Aches and pains
Diarrhea or constipation
Nausea, dizziness
Chest pain, rapid heartbeat
Frequent colds
Eating more or less
Sleeping too much or too little
Isolating yourself from others
Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax
Nervous habits (this could be something such as biting your nails frequently or something similar)

Not all of these may apply to you but if you think you are under stress and have these symptoms, speak to someone- whether it’s your GP, a parent, teacher, school nurse, councillor etc. Don’t let yourself get too ill with stress because it’s not good for you. Remember, Not all stress is caused by external factors. Things like major life changes, work, relationship difficulties, financial problems, families and just being too busy can bring on stress.

Here are some links to websites with more information on stress which I think are worth checking out:-



Teenage Stress

Teen Health (This website is good for all problems you may have)

CBBC’s Newsround

I hope you found this article useful and I hope that if you have stress, that it gets sorted out soon. Remember to talk to someone about your problems because there is no need to suffer and you don’t have to do it alone. There are loads of places you can go for advice and people to talk to, so you don’t have to be alone throughout any of your problems. Writing out your problems or ways to deal with them can also help you which is something I’m going to try out soon and maybe even post it on Wicid.

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