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Yn Gymraeg

Do you plan to do something exciting after you leave School or College?

Aim for a undergraduate course. Pick a subject you would like to do and head for that goal start looking I would say before year 10 so you have an idea what to get in order to be accepted.

If you are almost ready for University but feel you may not get the results, do not worry as there are various universities that provide foundation courses. Upon completing you get guaranteed access to your undergraduate course.

I completed a course in BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development @ Glamorgan. This course is not what most of you may expect. It is not fun and games, you wont be playing games and it certainly is not Java.

You will use the CC++ Programming language which is used for most AAA games and is the core programming language for Windows 7, Apple Mac OSX and Linux.

You will study the following though course structure will change year to year as new technologies become available.

Year 1:

  • Mathematics for Computing.
  • C++ Programming.
  • Computer Systems.

There will be normally 6 modules per year other universities and course may vary.

Year 2:

  • Computer Graphics – This is normally a level 3 Module.
  • OO Design Patterns.
  • Mathematics for Game Developers – This is matrices and basic Quantum Maths.

Year 3:

  • Level 3 Project.
  • Real Time Rendering – Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Game Developers – This was awesome.

To get a full run-down of this years modules you may visit:

But what jobs can you do after you graduate, game developer maybe?

  • RAF Intelligence Officer
  • Game Developer
  • MI5/6/SIS Intelligence or Software Engineer.
  • Robotics.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Operating System Engineer.

Ideally if you have a good analytical mind, love AI, love geometry, solving problems or programming, then Computer Games Development would be Ideal for you. Its not all about games, it is a fact that game technology is possibly the best way to teach CC++. If the course was Computer Science with C++ then maybe there may be a wider audience for the course.

Personally I do dislike Java, though if it is a web design interest you have do go for Computer Science.

If you would like to design content then BA (Hons) Game Art and Animation may be a better option. This can lead to Film industry or animation.

Whatever you want to do after School or College, take a look around there are plenty of options open to you doesn’t matter where you want to go you will always have plenty of opportunities open to you.

I studied at Glamorgan and I enjoyed my course, and I hope everyone can get the tier 3 education they wish to do. If you want to do Maths and Computing take a look at all the courses no matter how childish they may sound.

I am currently doing a work in progress website to link all the UK universities. Link should work on mobile too.


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