Summer Holidays Success At Ponty High

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During the summer holidays a number of activities wereoffered to those at Ponty High who most attended E3+ and 5×60 activities. There werefive fabulous activities that pupils got the opportunity to attend: a sports day,a football tournament, a trip to Barry Island, a 3 day graffiti project and a 2 day growing space gardening and cooking project.

The sports day and football tournament was a competitive andfun day for all. The young people came away with a medal and one lucky pupilwon a trophy for ‘player of the tournament.’ They thoroughly enjoyed the twodays and some of the pupils are now potentially looking to attend football clubswithin the community.

The Barry Island trip was also a huge success. A number ofprimary school pupils that will be attending Pontypridd High School this termas year 7’s attended the trip which was advertised during the year 6 transition evening. Wewere extremely lucky with the weather and the group enjoyed playing in the sea,making sandcastles and visiting the amusements. One student even won agoldfish! The pupils’ behaviour wasexceptional throughout the day and each and every pupil thoroughly enjoyed theday. Molly (year 8) said:

“Thanks so much fortaking me to the beach I had a wicked day.”

The two-day growing space gardening and cooking project had 10young people attend, many of which attend the growing space SEN group and after-school gardening club.  The pupils had afantastic experience of harvesting their own produce which they then used in cookinga number of tasty dishes such as stuffed peppers, courgette fritters, marrow andcoconut soup and even beetroot and chocolate cake! The students worked really hardin weeding the flower beds and they saved all their flower seeds to plant againnext year! All parents have shown their gratitude to the food taken home andall pupils have shown great interest in attending this activity at the start ofterm.

The 3 day graffiti project, attended by 18 students, was excitingand creative; ending in the production of 4 large graffiti boards in theplayground of lower school.  Each day theyoung people designed and prepped the boards before beinglet loose with spray cans. The groupeven managed to fit in two new YEP signs and each student took home their ownindividual canvas of their name. 

All activities were a great success and pupils were grateful for the opportunity to take part. Each activityhad a different group of pupils attending and a large number of year 6’s, thishas proved to be a great tool in engaging new students and has benefited intheir transition into school life. 

We hope that all students will attend 5×60 and YEPactivities in the Autumn Term with the same enthusiasm. 

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