Supernatural Friendship – Part 2

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Supernatural Friendship – Part One

“Why?” Zara asked lifting one pale eyebrow “Apparently its a big thing”
“I’m…I’m just not into it” Juliet said, trying as hard as possible to hide the hesitation in her voice, she looked at the dark blue bed sheets on the dangling mattress. “How do you sleep on that thing?” she asked trying to change the subject.
“I’m good at climbing” Zara said “Are you ok? You look pale”
Juliet giggled “You can talk about being pale. I’ve got a bit of a cold that’s all” she turned to Zara
“Why doesn’t you’re sister like me? Did I offend her somehow?”
“No, she…she doesn’t like anyone” she stood up and held up her hand
“Come on. Lets go watch TV” Juliet took Zara’s pale hand and didn’t seem to notice how cold her skin was. She stood up, she forgot she was even sitting down, and walked behind her to the living room. On the way down, she heard a conversation coming from the living room. First spoke Ashara
“This is dangerous” as she spoke Zara picked up her ears, the voice was only silent but Zara seemed to hear her.
“Shut up Ashara” spoke Gentorran
“No Gentorran, I will not…”
“Ashara, Gentorran zip it, the girls are coming down” said Jamile

Zara and Juliet came down the stairs “Be careful what you say, speak only mentally” she said in a psychic message sent to all her siblings. They nodded.
The girls walked into the living room, Jamile and Ashara were standing looking at eachothe,r they seemed angry. Jamile was no longer wearing his glasses, they were dark green. Ashara’s dark brown hair was tied in a ponytail, she was wearing a lime green dress, almost, it was almost above her waist, luckily, she was wearing blue tights underneath. Gentorran was lounging in a chair, he was finally wearing clothes; a red shirt and jeans.
“Um…Zara…Every one I…I need to say something” Juliet said.
“What is it Jules?” asked Gentorran.
“Juliet. Gentorran, its Juliet. Everyone I will no longer be living with my parents, starting tommorrow. I will be in St Katherine boarding school. I can visit but not as often. This is the school number…” She gave Zara a piece of paper with numbers on it “I have to go and pack. Zara do you think you can help?” There was silence. Zara looked at Jamile and he nodded and she nodded to Juliet. Juliet walked out and Gentorran picked up a small wooden box and opened it, inside was a blue necklace, a diamond ring, a red bracelet and a pair of gold earrings, he handed her the necklace, she put it on and walked out. The jewelery was bewitched, so vampires can enter the sunlight unharmed, but it left them weak. The sun was nice on her cold skin.

The next day, Juliet was in her new school and sitting on the bed opposite was a girl, plump, short with red hair. Her name was Katryne.
“Hi Werewolf” Juliet spat out her water and soaked her white bed spread “Yes I know, don’t worry I’ll keep your secret. If you keep mine”
“What secret are you talking about?”
“I’m a witch. That’s how I know what you are, you’re Aura, your life force is brown like all werewolves. Its not weird how we ended up in the same room, there are lots of supernatural creatures in this school, on this planet, stone henge is a portal to and from our world, of course you know that, but some creatures tend to stay and…KILL” Juliet shivered and removed the chains from a box. No need to hide them, there was a full moon tonight, she had to get to the forest before the moon rose.
That night Katryne and herself went to the forest to chain Juliet up. They were tight around her arms and legs. The chains were strong enough to hold her back, hopefully.
“I should go now before…You know”. Juliet nodded and Katryne spoke again “Weshlie Tryston” and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Zara was out hunting when she heard screaming “Perfect” she thought “Lunch” she ran through the forest faster than a bullet, and came to a stop when she saw a girl chained to a tree on the floor screaming “Juliet?” she whispered to herself “It can’t be.” She saw everything. Juliet’s black hair growing all over her body, her leg twisted, her arms bent into impossible angles. She was changing.


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