Supernatural Friendship: Part 3

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Zara saw and heard everything. Juliet’s legs were twisted and her hair was growing all over her body. Her beautiful features were transformed into features of a wolf. There was a deafening scream, a horrible noise coming from Juliet as her skin grew around the chains. Zara had to go and tell the others. 

When she got home, she ran to the living room where her brother Gentorran and his twin sister Ashara wrestling on the floor. Gentorran was attached to Ashara’s hair and Ashara had her knee in Gentorran’s stomach. Jamile walked in from the kitchen with a small wine glass of blood. 

“Grow up you two” he said splitting them up.
“She started it” said Gentorran.
“No I di…” Ashara broke off when she saw Zara “Zara? What’s wrong?”
“I was out hunting and I saw Juliet, and she’s she’s a werewolf!” she cried, they all looked at her in shock.

The next day, Juliet woke up still chained to the tree. She was covered by a white sheet and next to her was a pile of clean clothes and next to them was Katryne smiling. 

“You ok?” she asked. 

Juliet sat up and nodded, Katryne turned away when Juliet put on the clothes. When she was dressed they walked to their dorm. When they got there Juliet jumped sitting on her bed with her hair in a bobble was Zara staring at her, her face sullen. Katryne ran in front of her and Zara told her to leave, Juliet nodded. Then the next thing she knew she was against the wall with Zara holding her there. 

“You’re a werewolf” Juliet looked at her shocked, there was only one way she could know. 

“You know, which means your something to what are you a witch, a werewolf what?” Zara’s face changed her kainines grey large and her eyes went black and then she sent Juliet flying in the air. 

“Does that answer your question?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ohh I’m loving the fact that Zara and Juliet are supposed to be ‘best of friends’ but now they’re worst enemies. Well that’s the impression I get anyway…

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