Supernatural Friendship: Part 4

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Juliet looked up at her and she pushed herself off the floor, she backed up and fell onto Katryne’s bed
“Vampire…” she said.
Zara walked to her and at the same time they both said “Why didn’t you tell me?” and again at the same time “I think you know the answer to that question.”
“You first” said Zara staring at Juliet, not taking her eyes off her, not even blinking, she didn’t need to.
“I thought it would put you in danger. Your turn.”
“Werewolves are so stupid,” Zara said, her tone still serious but her eyes were playful “Vampires only look out for themselves. I guess that’s why there are more of us. I didn’t tell you because you could have gotten the whole village onto me with stakes and torches…and crucifixes with are very annoying they don’t even do anything.” Zara had to do something but before she could she collapsed screaming it was like their was an invisible stake in her chest.
Katryne walked in, holding what looked to be a crescent moon shaped necklace,
“They don’t do anything but this does” she dropped the crescent moon on Zara’s stomach and it burned her badly it left a moon shape on her stomach.
“Vampire scum. There are only more of you because there are not enough witches around.”
Zara screamed again she was shouting in a language that sounded latin. How old was she? Then Katryne was out cold and Zara stood looking at the door, Jamile was there, his eyes covered with sunglasses, he was wearing the bracelet that protected him from sunlight. When Zara was about to attack Juliet, Jamile threw her against the wall, he grabbed Juliet and they were gone.
Jamile took Juliet to the wood where the chains were and dropped her.
“Are you going to kill me?” she asked.
“I should but…” he sighed “I can’t. I’m too weak. Juliet you may be a wolf but I have known you for a long time. Sometimes when you’re asleep and your curtains are open I watch you sleep, I fly to the top and watch. So peaceful, so beautiful” he looked at her and she gasped.
Oh my god, she thought, Jamile. Oh Jamile I never knew.
He spoke again “I know it’s not right, but I was actually turned when I was your age. We all did. I am older but as the siblings grew to a certain age we were turned. I love you…No, I’m in love with you Juliet. I’m sorry.”


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