Supernatural Friendship: Part 6

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By the time Zara had her stuff sorted out it was night, she had to go human speed to make sure Diana didn’t find out about her. Zara was lying in her bed with her black pillow over her face. Juliet was dozing off and Katryne was watching Zara.
“Will you stop staring at me,” Zara said her voice muffled by the pillow, she removed the pillow and said “It’s extremely annoying”.
“Just making sure you don’t go for a night time snack”.
Juliet sat up and yawned “she has a suitcase full of blood bags, Zara you should try to sleep”.
Zara turned to look at Juliet “I’m not used to sleeping during the day. It’s not natural to me”.
“I hate vampires” Katryne mumbled.
“Really, maybe vampires hate you. I know one does, Me”.
“Bite Me!”
“Are you offering?”
Then suddenly everyone heard Diana sit up. “What are you guys talking about?”
“Nothing” they all said in unison.
“It sounds like an argument from one of my romance films. By the way, Katryne, can you give these books back to your sister. I hate reading”.
Zara looked confused “You borrowed books and you don’t like reading?”
“Nahh, I wanted to seem smart for my boyfriend then I realised they were vampire books. I hate vampires, so creepy and ugly and there is nothing realistic about vampires at all”.
Katryne giggled and Zara had to bite a pillow to stop herself from screaming. Luckily just before she snapped Juliet said “Only old vampires are ugly, the books Katryne’s sister lent you are about very good looking vampires, ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘Twilight’, ‘The House of Night’ are all about Vampires that go to school and fall in love and the main male vamps are stunning”.
Juliet could tell Diana was trying hard to think and that worried her, don’t hurt yourself, she thought, you’re thick enough as it is.

The next day Juliet needed help from Katryne to get Zara out of bed. Zara still had on her anti-sunlight jewellery so she could survive the day, but she needed plenty of blood to keep her going. After they were all dressed in their black and white uniforms Juliet and Zara went to their first class. Zara used her powers so their time tables were the same. The first class was history (Juliet still didn’t know how much of it Zara had experienced) where no-one paid attention. When the teacher jabbered on about Anne Frank, Zara and Juliet were having their own conversation.
“Who turned you?” Juliet asked.
“Um,” Zara said “Who turned me? Now that’s the question.”
“You don’t know?”


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