Supernatural Friendship: Part 7

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Zara and Juliet were back in their room. Katryne refused to be in their before Zara ate and Diana was in detention. Zara was on her bed reading one of Katryne’s sisters books. One of the ones Katryne hadn’t given back to her sister. The Vampire Diaries, this type of stuff usually offended Zara but she was enjoying it. “How can you not know who turned you?” Juliet asked.
Zara didn’t here the question she just said “Shh”
Juliet sighed and spoke again “Zara, this is important!”
“So is this. L. J. Smith you genius.” Zara said waving her hand to silence Juliet.
Juliet couldn’t cope she jumped up and took the book out of Zara’s hand careful not to loose the page. She lay the book open on the desk next to her bed.
Zara was annoyed “Hey! I was enjoying that.”
Juliet pointed at the book “That is not real it may be a good but at the moment it’s not important. This is real and this is important. How can you not know who turned you?”
Zara shook her head “I just don’t, ask my brother, he might know. He might tell you, too. He really likes you, you know, it’s creepy.” Before Juliet could open her mouth Zara had the book in her hands again and was reading. Juliet sat down and started thinking about Jamile. How can vampires have emotions? They were more like the brothers in the book Zara was addicted to at the moment. Brothers? Vampires? Love? Oh, no she was wrong. Her feelings for Jamile wasn’t just a crush, she loved him. But, Gentoran she realised now that every time she saw him she blushed, her heart beat sped up. Oh, no she…she loved both of her best friend’s brothers.
She heard Zara speak again “Stefan and Damon Salvatore, wow, Elena you lucky girl. Right, I’m reading the rest of the House of Night books, Eric Night here I come. Won’t beat these two.”
Juliet smiled at her friend. She needed serious help. I guess vampires are past therapy, she thought and laughed to her self.
Then she heard it they both did. Screaming. The girls looked at each other for a moment and then jumped up. When Juliet walked to the door Zara pushed her back “Don’t, it’s not a full moon tonight. Besides, you can die. I can’t” she walked out and Juliet heard a loud bang. She saw Zara look down. Someone shot her in the chest. The shooter was a boy with black hair and pale skin and green eyes. He smiled when he saw that Zara was alive. Juliet saw a body in front of the door, Diana, she was dead. The boy spoke his voice was deep and cold “found her”.
“Finally” a voice from behind him said then a girl stepped from behind him she dyed blonde hair that was cut short, her skin was also pale and her eyes were light blue. She pulled out a gun and shot Zara this time Zara went down “don’t worry, wolf, she’s not dead but it hurts like hell.” Then the last thing she knew Zara was dragged away and everything went black.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m also really enjoying it! I want to read more, I like the style you write in and where this is heading. I don’t want it to end yet 🙂
    Amazing story!

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