Supernatural Friendship: Part 8

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Juliet woke up with a shooting pain in her head. She was in her room on her bed. Katryne was sitting next to her “You okay?” she asked.
“Yeah,” actually she wasn’t, she felt like she was forgetting something, someone. She stood and opened the bedroom door then she saw the blood and remembered.
Zara was shot. She turned to Katryne “Where is Zara?”
“Gone,” Katryne started packing up the books that were left “the circle took her, her family too probably. Good riddance” she didn’t have a chance to say much else because Juliet slapped her full force in the mouth.
“Who are the circle? What do they want with Zara and her family?”
“Calm down, Juliet! If you get too angry you will turn” Katryne put her hands out to calm Juliet down. It didn’t work.
“I hope I do. I hope I rip you limb from limb” Katryne stood and looked at Juliet she was serious.
“Okay, I will take you to them” Katryne stood and clapped her hands together, chanted something that sounded Latin and in a puff of smoke Katryne and Juliet were in what seemed to be an old castle. “You’re on your own” Katryne said and disappeared again.
Juliet began walking forward and heard screaming she followed it and quickly found the Dakanth family. Someone had a stake in Ashara’s leg and was twisting it Ashara was screaming. The person was wearing a red cloak so their face was hidden. Zara was sitting on the side he neck covered in scrapes it was healing. Then she saw…Jamile and Gentoran attached to a wall by stakes. Their hair was covered in blood.
She walked into the room and Gentoran shouted at the cloaked person “What’s your problem? Why are you doing this to us?” he wasn’t shouting at the cloaked person at all he was shouting at Juliet.
The cloaked person stood and turned around and Juliet couldn’t believe it the girl dropped her hood and smiled she was Juliet she looked exactly like Juliet.

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