Supernatural Friendship: Part 9

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Juliet looked into the eyes of…herself and stepped back her heart pounding, calm down, she thought, don’t turn, not here.
The other her smiled and tilted her head to the side. “Hello” she said “Don’t worry I’m not you, I’m not a clone or anything like that”.
“Then what are you?” Juliet said backing away.
“You don’t want to know” she grinned again “Okay, Juliet, which one is Romeo” she laughed pointing at the boys.
Juliet went to hit her but the girl avoided her punch “No you don’t your not the only wolf here you know” she smiled again, it was Juliet’s smile but on this girl it was twisted and evil.
“Juliet?” Zara said pain clear in her voice. It hurt her to speak “Gentoran, Jamile it’s her” she whispered so that only the other vampires could hear her.
“Who are you?” Juliet said again, her voice cracking.
“You really want to know?” Juliet nodded once “Okay, your parents never told you about your sister did they?” Juliet gasped “You were a conjoint twin but the other one died when you were separated” Juliet was breathing hard “told you, you didn’t want to know” the girl showed a scar going down the side of her stomach. Juliet put her hand to her side and felt a faint scar going up it.
“You’re…Oh my god. But you just said you died”
“I did. It’s hard to explain” she grinned again making Juliet feel a sickness that she had never felt before “That’s what the circle is. People with supernatural abilities that were not enough for this world. We get resurrected and then we are trained to destroy creatures like these vampires. Monsters. Crimes against humanity”.
Juliet watched Zara over her sister’s shoulder, she was getting herself free. “They haven’t done anything, but one of the circle killed an innocent girl” she cried.
“It happens. One life is a small price to pay to save hundreds of lives” her sister said in a calm and gentle voice.
“Morgana?” Juliet heard a deep voice say. She looked behind her and a boy stood wearing the same cloak as her sister, his skin was pale and his hair was jet black “Morgana. Oh, two of you. Different”
Juliet’s sister skipped to the boy’s side “Lucius” she smiled.
“Morgana? Lucius?” Juliet thought out loud.
“Those are the names we were given when we became part of the circle, Juliet. These names mean power, she smiled at the boy named Lucius and he smiled back at her. She got onto her toes and kissed him on the lips.
“Those names are the names of evil characters through history”
The two smiled at her and then they were on the floor. Getoran and Jamile holding them down and Zara and Ashara by their sides.


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