Supernatural Friendship

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Zara Dakanth (Dack-ant) and Juliet Cantaroll (Cant-a-rol) were best friends. They knew each other for a long time and knew everything about each other.

Well, that’s what they thought. You see, both girls have remarkable secrets. Zara was very pale and she had dark eyes. Her eye colour was so dark, it was impossible to see what colour it was. She was tall, beautiful, and a loner. She did not go to school and never went out. She lived with her brothers Jamile (Jam-mile) and Gentorran (Jent-or-an) and her sister Ashara (Ash-hara), or Ash for short. All her family have quite strange names. No one knew about their parents. 

Juliet lived with her parents, Sam and Charlotte. Juliet, Sam and Charlotte’s names are not so strange. Juliet liked strange things being one her self. Juliet went to school, always sitting alone at the back of class or reading a fantasy book in the library at lunch and break.. 

One morning, Juliet went to knock for Zara. It was bright and sunny in the small town of Evedale, and she had to be careful as the Dakanths were not morning people. She knocked the door in a special way, it’s how they knew it was her. Jamile opened the door. He was handsome, had short, black hair and pale skin. He was wearing a black shirt and dark sun glasses. 

“Hi Juliet, come in.” 

Juliet walked in to the large room. The Dakanth house was huge, it had four bedrooms, a huge living room, two bathrooms and a small kitchen. 

“She is upstairs in her room. Knock before you enter, she might still be asleep and she is not good when she gets woken up. It’s Scary!” he laughed a silent laugh and Juliet laughed back. 

“I don’t know if you are aware of this but I can hear you,” Zara shouted, her long blonde hair hanging over the banister,

“Juliet, come up here before I come down there and slap him” 

Juliet ran up the stairs and met Ashara half way up. 

“Hi Ash.” 

Ashara looked at her. She looked annoyed and she just continued down the stairs. Juliet got to the top where Zara was waiting. 

“ignore Ashara. We all do.” As soon as she said that, Gentorran walked out of his room, wearing nothing but his pants, his blue and white striped pants like the rest of his family. He was deadly pale. 

“Hey Cantaroll.” he said, happily. 

“Hey Dakanth, looking good.” Juliet said, laughing hysterically. 

“What?” he said, with a confused face. 

“Gentorran,” Zara said in an embarrassed voice, “put some clothes on.” 

“Technically, I am wearing clothes. I’m wearing underwear.” Zara looked at him and pointed toward his bedroom door. He walked in, scolded by his little sister. 

Zara was the youngest. She was seventeen. Ashara and Gentoran were twins, they were eighteen and Gentorran was nineteen. Well, that’s what they tell people. You see, the Dakanth family are not normal people, they are not humans they are all in fact ‘Vampires’. But Juliet did not realize this, no one did as obvious as it was. 

Zara and Juliet walked in to Zara’s dark room. The dark red curtains were closed and her bed was a mattress with chains holding it from the ceiling. 

“I can’t believe I live with that guy. Never mind… So, Juliet, you going to the all night three night moon cycle festival?” 

Juliet choked and wined. She quickly said “No.” Juliet wasn’t normal either, she chained herself up in the forest on those nights. They are the nights she becomes a werewolf.

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