Sushi Rolls Into #TeamTon

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As part of our committed service to helping young peoplenot just try, but make healthy foods from around the world, we started with sushi making in the EX2 youth club at school.

If you would like to take part intaster sessions like these then pop into the YEPS office and speak to Ally,Leon or Les and give us your ideas!

We are also running a sushi session with a group of year8 pupils.

Here are some cool sushi facts:

* Sushi is traditionally eaten with the fingers, in one or twobites, although many people use chopsticks. 

* It is not considered polite to pass food from one person to another usingchopsticks, as this parallels a Japanese funeral ceremony. It is moreappropriate to use the blunt end of your chopsticks and pass the food you wantto share from one plate to the next. 

* Knives used by sushi chefs are the direct descendants of samurai swords, andthe blades should traditionally be sharpened every day. 

* Not longago, a sushi chef (itamae) had to undergo ten years of training before workingin a restaurant. Today, demand for these skilled food artists is so high thatmany start work after only two years of training.


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