Sustainable Development is a must!

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We live on an extraordinary planet, which supports us by providing all the necessary things that we need to survive. But, how do we show our generosity? We harm it; by polluting its natural resources, threatening other species with the possibility of extinction etc. Now we know that we can’t just basically face the ground and say ‘Thank you’, otherwise that would make us look stupid. However, we can say ‘Thank you’ by returning the favour – by helping the Earth to grow and flourish.
Over the past 250 years, the human population has had a major boom, which has had a major impact upon the Earth. The development of many large industrialised nations has made jobs for many and the advancement of technologies has improved the lives of millions. Yet, unfortunately, many of these activities that have made this growth possible are unsustainable. This means that they cannot continue forever and has resulted in the destruction of many parts of our environment such as the tropical rainforests.
Luckily, many people today are becoming more aware of the problems caused by human development. So they are trying to find new methods of using the Earth’s resources that meet the needs of people today, but do no damage to the Earth that would affect the future of our descendants.
It may be complicated and there is a lot of scientific and political debate about how this can be achieved. But it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a vital issue for the 21st century.
As we all know, the human race has economic and social needs such as needing the ability to work, so that we can make money to live, or having healthcare and education services. All these needs have to be supplied by using resources provided by the Earth.
Some people today believe that in order to save the planet and secure our future, large parts of the world need to be left isolated such as Antarctica and they claim that the safety of the Earth must come before our needs. So they would agree with the belief of sustainable development as an alternative way of tackling the problem, as long as we use the Earth’s resources wisely and carefully in order for the people in the future to also have the chance to use these resources.
Also, many who believe in sustainable development believe that we need to aim for a reduction in air and water pollution, which damages the ability of the Earth to support life.
Many of these aims sound like common sense. I mean, after all, who would want to damage the Earth’s ability to provide a home for billions of creatures? The answer is simple – human beings. Individuals, companies, governments have all lived in unsustainable ways. Most of the damage that has happened on our 4 billion year old planet has happened over the past 250 years. The rate of damage is increasing rapidly, which is why the issue of sustainable development has become so important.

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