Suze and her wedding

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A few years ago there was a troll called Suze and she was the troll guardian. It’s time for you to marry to the prince in 5 days and you’re going to have 9 kids. The prince’s name is jasper and you will be with him for all eternity. “What do I do? Maybe the princess will get me out of the wedding? I will leave immediately to the palace”. I got my bag and went down stairs and tip toed past my dad and the prince. “Suddenly the prince turned his head and saw me sneaking out the door, I ran as fast as ghosts. I realised I was in the graveyard. I looked behind myself and suddenly there was the vampire prince. I said “don’t sneak up on me freak”. The prince said “that’s not a very nice thing to say to your future husband”. I got up and said “look there, it’s your mother” and legged it to the exit. At the exit was princess Usagi “thank goodness that you arrived at the nick of time, please help me I don’t want to get married just yet”. Princess Usagi said “that’s the reason I’m here and if you really want to escape come and be one of my guardians. Suddenly Tasper turned round and started playing with my mind “stop that, with the power in me realise this child from ever being controlled”. Princess Usagi said to Suze. “If you become a guardian you will never have to worry again about becoming ill and you won’t have worry about getting married for 12000 year”. Suze said “yes, yes, yes I will become a guardian she said enthusiastically”. Suddenly Suze started grabbing at her clothes and changed into stunning robes and she had a medallion around her neck with the term which means troll guardian in a slang term and now you know what happened on the day of Suze wedding and how she got out of it.
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