Swansea’s Road To Glory

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Looking at Swansea City AFC’s run in this cup tournament has not been the best but this year is a sign of good things to come for the club. The club has achieved a high standard of play, especially since Michu signed for the club, and the other plus point is getting into the Europa League which is another big tournament that could boost the reputation and popularity of the club up to an all new high. This would be fabulous for all Swansea fans.

“Swansea City must make room in the dusty cabinet in the foyer at the Liberty Stadium. Someone will have to move the shield they got for playing a friendly against Jamaica, and the manager of the month prizes which are used to fill the gaps.” The quote I choose represents that Swansea is not necessarily a high achieving club. Like the quote says, Swansea won a shield for playing a friendly against a national team which is not in the African Cup of Nations or they can’t qualify for the World Cups and, yes, that country is Jamaica.

Another quote I choose is: “In 101 years of existence they have never previously come close to such a mighty achievement.” Which states Swansea are not born champions like Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona, so winning the Capital One Cup is a major win for the likes of Swansea who have done us Welsh proud this year and last year.

This quote is from the manager himself, Michael Laudrup, when referring to speculation he’s being touted as the next Real Madrid manager: “Real Madrid? Not when I have Swansea.” This shows loyalty and passion to the team and players.

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