Takeover at Taskforce

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Takeover at Taskforce

At least the weather was nice!

Monday 18th April was the choice date, and Task Force the choice of combat zone as young people from across RCT and their detached youth workers waged all out war on each other (the young people more than the youth workers). There was running, calling, shouting, and lots of scrambling, and that was just for lunch!

This was followed by more shouting, loud blasts, coughing, much sweating, and more running. The young people were well behaved (despite this being a combat zone) and most of them had paint splats in many places. Going home resulted in the young people comparing war wounds (and the sizes of bruises), but they all enjoyed it.

Perhaps next time we could wage war with another Authorityyoung people from Newport, for example, or Merthyr


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