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If you’re interested in creating films,but don’t feel you have the right level of experience or knowledge to be a partof a professionally-made film in your area, then you’re wrong. 

If you’re a budding actor or filmmaker,If you only take one thing from this article, that is, to Google and searchIt’s My Shout and get involved in their 2015 trainee scheme. You can find theirwebsite, and get involved in this years films by visiting:

If you’re wondering why I’m encouragingyou to do this, then read on, because I’ve had first hand experience of theopportunities It’s My Shout can provide, and I can’t praise them enough!

This time last year, I attended their2014 Made In Wales Launch in the Muni Arts Centre. I really had no idea what toexpect, as I heard about it last minute, and was going into the launch blind,with no knowledge about what the company did or what they had already managedto achieve.

In the launch they showed us their promo,and clips from the films they created over previous years for both BBC and S4C.I was overwhelmed by the high standard, of the films and the motifs behind theMade In Wales scheme. It was an opportunity that I never thought existed; itwould allow someone like me, who had no experience working on a set, toexperience and gain an invaluable knowledge and insight into the workingindustry. It’s My Shout works with a variety of young people from all areasacross Wales. They help individuals develop their knowledge and skills bothbehind and in front of the camera. Their Made In Wales scheme provides theopportunity for individuals to get that crucial first step into the industry,working alongside professionals, and other creative trainees like themselves.

If you hadn’t guessed already, I signedup the minute I got the chance, expressing an interest in being involved, inthe Camera Department, or as an actress. As I studied both Media Production andDrama in school, and had a desire and passion for creative production. 

I left the launch, convinced about how Iwanted to spend my summer, and that was to hopefully get involved with It’s MyShout’s short film made in Rhondda Cynon Taf. It was an opportunity I didn’twant to miss, as these sort of things aren’t regularly made available toindividuals wanting to enter the media industry in this area. I wanted to seizethe opportunity, and get involved, so I crossed my fingers, and waited to hearwhether I’d been selected as part of their 2014 Made In Wales Scheme. 

As you can imagine, I was elated the daythat I received the e-mail to say, I’d not only been successful in myapplication to the scheme, but had also been placed in the Camera Department,which was my first choice. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to the summerthis much before, because for the first time in years, I actually had plans todo something I really wanted. I was going to have an experience of a lifetime,on a real working set, helping produce a film for the BBC, and see my name inthe end credits. It was simply unimaginable at the time.

I attended a production meeting at BBCRoath Lock before my three days on set. This was an experience in itself as itwas my first time ever in a building of it’s sort. It had such a professionalaura about it, because when you think about it, it’s the home to manysuccessful BBC productions.

During the meeting, I got to meet thepeople I’d be working with, during the making of the film, and we read throughthe script, and it was the first time it really clicked, that the production Iwould be working on was going to be a professional BBC production. It reallydid seem surreal.

During the three days I spent filming ‘The Homing Bird‘ I had the best time of my life. I learnt so much from mymentors, in the Camera Department, which consisted of two Talent Pool Mentors,and Rory Taylor, an industry professional. Working under the guidance of Rorywas a dream come true, and I honestly couldn’t have asked for better mentors. They shared so much of their knowledge and advice with me during those threedays, but also, it’s great that since then they have still remained in contactwith me; still giving me advice to this day. They always have been soencouraging, and supportive. I felt like I took so much away from the on setexperience. On the last day, I could do the things they showed me to do on thevery first day without them needing to tell me or show me how to do it. I feltlike I achieved so much thanks to the guidance of my mentors.

When I left set on the last day, offilming ‘The Homing Bird’ I was sad the experience was over, but extremelygrateful it had happened. I was so proud of my own achievements, and it wasn’tthe end of my association with It’s My Shout or my mentors, like I said Iremained in contact with them.

Later on in the year I helped out withthe preparations, and running of Film Fest Cymru, and that was a really funthing to be a part of. Film Fest Cymru was where It’s My Shout had their MadeIn Wales 2014 Awards ceremony. The films produced as part of the scheme, werethen showcased in the Donald Gordon Theatre, at the Wales MillenniumCentre. 

Getting to watch the film I’d worked onover the summer, on the big screen, was an exciting experience, I got to sitback, and be proud of what I achieved, by remembering the fun I had on set,whilst watching the first screening of the film, with my family. My sister alsoworked with It’s My Shout but on a different film called ‘Mountain View’ sothat night we had two films to be proud of. It was such a great feeling, seeingour names in the end credits of our films. We both got our very firstprofessional credits. It really put into perspective what we had managed toachieve, thanks to It’s My Shout.

Nothing could get any better than seeingour names in the credits of a professional production – or at least, that’s whatI believed at the time. Little did I know later on in the evening I was goingto be awarded the Camera Trainee of the year. It came as a huge surprise to me!I had to go up onto the stage, and retrieve my award, from representatives atBait Studio. I really truly wasn’t expecting to hear them call my name. I wasutterly shocked, and couldn’t utter a word of gratitude, despite feelingentirely grateful for everyone who supported me and believed in me. I have noidea how people who win BAFTAs and Oscars stand up there and thank everyone, Iwas shaking far too much with excitement. 

It was something I never thought I wascapable of achieving, and it really helped me believe that maybe I can achievethe future career that I want. I now want to pursue a career as a CameraOperator in the media industry. If it wasn’t for It’s My Shout and theopportunities it’s provided me, then I wouldn’t know what opportunities wereout there for me in the media industry.

So if you’re considering pursuing afuture in the creative industries, either in front or behind the camera, then Ido encourage you to seize the opportunities provided to you by It’s My Shout.They’re currently holding launch nights in the local area, searching for peopleto be involved in this year’s films. I’ll be re-applying this year. And if thisarticle, has encouraged you to do anything, then I hope you apply to. If youare successful on getting on the trainee scheme, I can assure you that you’llhave an unforgettable experience, just like I did.

You never know what you could get out ofan opportunity, so you might as well give everything a try, at least once. It’sMy Shout really opened my eyes to opportunities out there. 

I can’t thank or praise everyone involvedenough. So I’ll do my bit, and encourage everyone who’s thinking of a future inthe television or film industry, to not hesitate a moment, and just go forit. 

These opportunities don’t come aroundeveryday.

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