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TapasTuesday is a new musical trio from Pontypridd. They formed in the summer of 2010 due to their mutual ambition for music and to study at Bangor University, in hope that they would later spend the next three years writing songs, playing gigs locally and to tour around Wales and the rest of the UK.

They are currently unsigned but have recorded their first song called “Move on” (Produced by Lawson Dando) in Albany Studios, Cardiff, and have their first gig coming up this month! You can follow the band on MySpace here, where you can also listen to their music at, and at Facebook where you can keep updated with what the band is doing.

The band members are Osian Williams (Bass/Vocals) Meilyr Ress (Guitar/Vocals) and Dylan Ebbsowrth (Drums) and all three share a common interest in music and  have been close friends for years.

The band’s material is mainly influenced by the likes of “Coldplay” and “Mumford and Sons” and they aim to produce a relaxed indie sound in their music but also lyrics that express real-life experiences that are relevant to most young people.

Check them out!


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