Teenage years!

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At our age, we should be enjoying life. Taking what it has to offer us, and use that time wisely because it just slips away!
Just think about it, it only seems like yesterday we were starting our new Comprehensive school, and within what seems like not even a year your doing you’re GCSEs/A Levels! It’s crazy to think that because it seems long ago when we were looking up towards our future, but now that we’re looking back we realise just how precious life is.
We were all once little trouble makers or maybe even little angels… So far, at one point in our lives we have been immature or childish, or maybe even stupid! All the friends you bullied, picked on, loved, lost and cared about are now either closer to you or drifted away. Thinking back at it all though, you realise that if we weren’t like that then we wouldn’t have learnt from our mistakes and we wouldn’t be the people we are today. Everyone is an individual and I personally think that we shouldn’t be afraid to show our true colours!
However, some people are shy and take some getting used to. Not everyone is the same, so if you are a boaster and confident you just have to realise sometimes that not everyone is the same as you and have to just go with it! You never know someone as shy as a mouse could be good friends with someone who is as wild as a lion! I know from experience!
The amount of lessons we all learn throughout our teenage years is unbelievable! We become better citizens and better people, who learn to love and to care for others and most importantly, we learn how to respect things! If we didn’t, then I honestly don’t know where the world would be! From the naughtiest things we have done, to the nicest things we have done, we take a lesson from each one which help us develop and understand the world more.<?xml:namespace prefix =” o” ns =” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”” />

Heartache is another thing! It seems worth it when that special person is right there next to you, holding you and supporting you… But us teenagers don’t realise that it can all crumble within a matter of seconds and be gone. It’s amazing when you have it, you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it gives you the most gorgeous feeling ever! Sometimes though, it slips away and you hold on that one bit too much and the more you run after it… The more it gets away!
It’s a really hard part of being a teenager, because we always believe that that one person is “The One” and we take advantage. Once we have that person, we get attached too much, more than we should and then when they’re gone we feel so devastated! That feeling is terrible, because it feels as though we won’t pull through it, but that’s not true! We always will pull through it no matter how dark it seems, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel! We just need to remember that we are surrounded by people who love us and care about us and realise that they are there for us whenever we need them!
That’s another great thing about being a teenager! Friends… They are the best thing! We do everything with our best friends. We hang around places, do stuff together, have sleepovers, play games, have fun… The list is never ending!
I personally think that friends are a really important part to life because if we didn’t have them, then, well, where would we be? We’d be alone… And that’s not very nice! Whenever we are feeling down in the dumps and need that little bit of cheering up, they’re always there and they’re always ready to help us no matter what they need to do!
There are a lot more things to talk about, but I think you know the rest!
Don’t regret anything you do just remember to take a lesson from what you’ve done (good or bad!)
It really helps… 🙂

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