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Yn Gymraeg

What a day Friday 19 November was, with so much going on.

From Children In Need, the Wales v Fiji match, the new Harry Potter film and the launch of the Tell It Like It Is toolkit that has been created by the Welsh Assembly.

Wicid has been involved with the making of the Tell It Like It Is toolkit by giving advice on how the toolkit should look, and the content.

The purpose of the toolkit is to show young adults how they can influence the media by portraying themselves in a positive way.

It was all going on in the city and in the Assembly, with schoolchildren taking over in celebration of the 21st birthday of the United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child.

The launch at the Welsh Assembly kicked off at 10am and finished at 3:30pm, and what a day it was. The atmosphere was fantastic, with everyone enjoying themselves.

There were fantastic performances by young people at the event, all keeping the crowd entertained, including the steel band from Oakfield Primary, who gave an excellent performance.

Also, performances by the dance group Funk Fatale, Cor y Cwm Choir (who sang their hearts out), the performing arts students from Neath Port Talbot College, and an acoustic performance by Paul Magee on the guitar.

Two special guests attended the event. Deputy Minister For Children, Huw Lewis, being the first, who presented the CLIC Awards and gave a speech on how young people should be presented by the media in a positive way, instead of them always concentrating on the minority of negative portraits.

Keith Towler, the Children’s Commissioner For Wales, was the other special guest at the event, who took a special liking to the DJ deck stand and gave a good attempt at making a beat.

Not only were the decks making a noise, the Commissioner also got the children shouting on top of their voices making sure that the Assembly Ministers who work in the building could hear them. They most definitely did hear! Well done!

The day was a huge success in every possible way. The message that the media now needs is to make sure that they report on the achievements of young people, and giving us credit when it is due.

Don’t forget to TELL IT LIKE IS!


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