Terror in Paris – Police Officer Killed

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A city that has been hit several times before, once again came under attack last night. Paris has become a city of fear, with just days before the Presidential election, the city that is home to French democracy witnessed a horrific attack on the police tasked with protecting it.

At approximately 9pm local time, a man armed with a Kalashnikov opened fire at police on the Champs-Elysees, the most famous street in the French Capital. Witnesses described the moment they feared for their lives, as the gunman was shot dead by French Police. Sadly, one officer was killed in the attack. The police searched the home of the dead attacker immediately following the attack.

The attacker was known to Police as he threatened them back in February this year but was released due to lack of evidence, according to French officials. Islamic-State claimed responsibility for the attack, with the French counter-terrorism officers launching an investigation straight after the attack. Back home, the Prime Minister called for vigilance and illustrated that the UK felt France’ pain, following the Westminster attack recently. President Trump added that this attack will have a big effect on the French election.

Security will be massively increased for the election in France with 5,000 police officers protecting Sunday’s Presidential election, whilst 7,000 soldiers will also be drafted in. This is a city that is fighting back against terror.


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